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The popularity of sex dolls has changed the lives of urban men and women, but most of them still know little about love dolls. We created this real doll blog for the latest information sharing and education on sex dolls. These blog posts discuss sex doll knowledge, care tips and tricks, buying guides, and more. After reading this page, you can learn more about love dolls and buy your favorite sex partner.

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Some people buy dolls, and after a certain number of days, the skin will become brittle and peel off. In fact, I have been in this state many times before, but there is an unexpected reason, and it is easy to recover. In this issue, I will introduce the reasons and solutions for the crispy skin of H..

December 17 , 2021
It is a well-known fact that there are more and more men and women who are not married in this society. Many people are still single, and many people have not had a partner yet, but everyone has biological needs. In order to achieve a satisfactory result for this problem, DL Sex Dolls have become po..

December 07 , 2021
The majority of love doll owners and those who are considering buying real dolls are likely to worry about the "sex doll hiding place". If it's something I can proudly display in my room, it shouldn't be a problem, but that's usually not the case. So, today I will introduce to you how to cleverly hi..

December 12 , 2021
Numerous studies conducted around the world show that when you experiment with sex, relationships become stronger. Using Sex Doll For Better Couple Relationships When you feel like your relationship is falling behind for frigid reasons it becomes very important to try and change your sex life bu..

December 15 , 2021
The material of love doll is the key In addition to process costs, materials are a core part of our business. We use the best TPE material and we can do it ourselves. The difference between us and ordinary real Female Sex Doll manufacturers is that we don't use second-hand TPE material (molded TPE ..

December 24 , 2021
These days, women all over the world are looking for a man with beautiful features and a big dick that will satisfy their needs. Women also need a faithful Male Sex Doll companion. Reasons Women Need Men's Love Dolls According to a recent study, scientists have discovered that women have a stronge..

February 22 , 2021
What is quality sex? A satisfying intense pleasure and release of the pressure you've been building up inside your penis for a long time. Or some say quality sex could be a hot chick opening her pussy for a quickie. Either way, sex may be the most underrated thing in our lives, yet we experience all..

February 28 , 2021
Lifelike sex dolls can surprise you more than you expected. The cuteness of her face, the softness of her breasts and buttocks completely surpassed that of a real woman. You can DIY such a lovely woman, dress him in your favorite clothes or wigs. You can even ask her to do difficult sex positions w..

February 13 , 2021
Obtaining a love doll can also help improve a person's overall performance. Since these toys are designed for intimacy, they are flexible and easier to use. Some people find that their performance in bed improves or improves as they use their ElsaBabe Sex Doll as a practice tool. If you're curious a..

February 10 , 2021
Technology is creating artificial porn agents, advanced sex doll robots we call real dolls. These virtual or augmented companions, porn chatbots, and sexbots are increasingly exposing humans to artificial intelligence. Potential for intimacy and sexuality. Their appearance has sparked debates in bo..

February 25 , 2021
Color transfer from Xycolo Dolls can be removed using a kitchen warmer or olive oil, but it takes more time and effort than you might think. Of course, if the love doll is not repaired, it cannot be teased. On the other hand, even if you find a cute outfit after working so hard to make it look good,..

August 04 , 2021
If there is color transfer on the YL Sex Doll that has not been noticed for a long time, it cannot be easily removed even with kitchen cleaners later. It might thin out a bit from oil bleed, but it's worrisome if you're using it for the first time. If you are selling parts, only buy color transfer p..

August 15 , 2021
To an extent, sex dolls are effective in preventing many STDs and are a relatively affordable and readily available option. This can make your sexual experience more enjoyable when using Thick Sex Dolls. About thick sex dolls If you like having huge boobs and a thick ass on your love doll, then Ch..

August 10 , 2021
Sex dolls are both a lover and a source of visual entertainment, and many men prefer K Cup Sex Dolls to dress them up. So they bought different wigs for her hairstyle to make her look better. Wigs are an important part of makeup love dolls. Sex doll has amazing hairstyles and look even sexier. Choo..

August 03 , 2021
In order to get the best care and safety for your real doll, you need to know whether your sex doll is made of silicone or TPE. Care and maintenance vary by manufacturer's recommendations. All established guidelines must be followed when handling DL Sex Dolls so we can ensure you and your love dolls..

August 30 , 2021
Usually, this cracking and deterioration does not occur when there is no load on the skin. If possible, it could be the high frequency of joint bending and stretching, or the hardening and tearing caused by the loss of elasticity of the silicone after many years of manufacture. If your F Cup Sex Dol..

August 13 , 2021
According to a new study, our research team spent several months surveying 138 men who had sex dolls and compared them to 152 men who did not. The groups were compared on a range of measures, including attachment styles, personality traits, emotional functioning and sexual aggression tendencies. Our..

August 21 , 2021
Being the soul of a real Silicone Sex Doll, of course I always want to see real sex doll male models again, and I've told you about it here. My lover and I have come to realize that gay men, and of course lesbians, have the same right to be content with a real life love doll and have fun in bed wit..

May 29 , 2022
Numerous studies around the world have found that experimenting with Medium Breast Sex Dolls can make your relationship stronger. This can be done through a selective love doll lifestyle in the presence of each other, while you and your partner can have sex with other people, if this behavior of you..

May 21 , 2022
People who use lover dolls for the first time do not do much about the maintenance and cleaning methods of Chinese Sex Dolls, so the way to take care of their lover dolls is different. As a result, the lover doll was not cleaned up completely, and even new damage was added to the lover doll. That's ..

May 10 , 2022
A year ago, my wife moved to the UK for better career opportunities. We sometimes make phone calls, video calls, and even meet (though not often), but we don't experience the same level of happiness. I love my wife so much that I can't resist seeing her leave me. The thought of her moving to the UK ..

May 03 , 2022
In addition to meeting your physical needs, American Sex Dolls can also bring you many unexpected surprises, such as improving your self-confidence and life skills. please check. Use sex dolls to practice social skills If you're generally uncomfortable in a group or find it particularly difficult ..

May 15 , 2022
Anxiety is a disordered state that everyone suffers from to some degree. However, the problem became so great that anxiety began to interfere with daily life, preventing it from functioning properly and performing daily tasks. One potential cause of anxiety, then, could be sexual frustration due to ..

May 02 , 2022
A lot of people find real women difficult to get along with. For some, comparing sex dolls to real women is more of a love doll. The idea that love dolls are better than real women is normal. This article explores the advantages of love dolls over real women. Why are Thick Sex Dolls better than real..

May 18 , 2022
The most beautiful loli love doll" Recently, with the rise of otaku culture, the development of technology and the increasing convenience of the Internet, eating, drinking and playing at home have been solved, so more and more people are staying at home. No need to go out. What problems can sex dol..

May 10 , 2022
By dressing Big Boobs Sex Doll as close to real women as possible, you can create a girl who is more suitable for you. When pairing with clothes, there are many points to choose from, such as size and material. Here are some tips for choosing clothes. Pay attention to women's size When choosing cl..

May 30 , 2022
In this day and age, the world of sex is no longer the taboo it once was. We live in one of the most receptive times for kinks in history. There will certainly be a minority who disagree with this. But this misguided notion comes from fear and ignorance of the unknown. They miss the best opportunity..

June 16 , 2022
Let's take a look at the characteristics of the Curvy Sex Doll first. Realistic, good style, tall, big breasts, cute as a little girl, etc. can achieve self-satisfaction. Dolls are usually made of TPE or silicone skins. In addition, love dolls also have mouths, chests, pussy, anus, etc. It's almost ..

June 18 , 2022
Midsummer is here, the thermometer has risen by more than 30 degrees, and the sun is shining early in the morning. Summer is a wonderful time of year (my sweetheart complains about my words in the background, but I don't mind) I love him so much because despite the slats the room is not only well li..

June 16 , 2022
Today, I want to talk about experiences you often come across on forums and conversations with other love doll lovers. I also often start experiencing photo opportunities in our time. A forum that was originally supposed to serve as a kind of exchange of experiences, especially in recent years, mor..

June 12 , 2022
Many people say that there are no requirements for lifelike love dolls. This may be the case for wildlings who don't (or do) have a soul of their own. But if the Adult Sex Doll has character, the partner becomes like a living partner, and she can also stick to herself. If one defines love between m..

June 20 , 2022
What is your understanding of quality? A full, intense pleasure that releases the pressure you have built up in your penis for quite some time. Or high quality sex could be a hot chick punching her pussy open. Sex may be the most underrated thing in our lives by any means, but it takes very little t..

June 29 , 2022
When it comes to sex toys, sex dolls and artificial love dolls, it is estimated that most of your friends will have an evil smile. Of course, most people in China have heard of it or seen it online. It is a relatively shy topic, but abroad. It has become a mode of entertainment to relax and unwind. ..

June 28 , 2022
Beautiful female sex dolls fulfill many sexual and erotic fantasies. It gives people wonderful bodies, do anything with them, you can make erotic games out of it, never or conditionally you can play with a living partner. Sex has become increasingly important in Japan (and the West in general) sinc..

June 09 , 2022
Imagine what will happen to the sex doll industry in the far future. It's definitely fun to imagine, but the truth is, you don't have to go very far when it comes to real dolls. As we said, technologists are working hand in hand with sex doll makers to bring you some very exciting new developments. ..

June 07 , 2022
Sexy, beautiful and lifelike, these realistic thick sex dolls will provide you with hours of fun. However, if you want your love doll to last and stay perfect, there are some guidelines you need to follow. Vaginal Sex With Lifelike Sex Doll The classic and fun way to enjoy your new lover is throug..

January 21 , 2022
woman to a xycolo doll just as close as a woman is to a human victim's adult sibling because they have expertise. Toys are like reaching the limit. Like the Aussie trio Murray, the love doll is the right choice. Murray revealed that over the years, he managed to enter a state of ecstasy with the hel..

July 28 , 2022
While having a love doll at home can provide you with hours of fun, there are some people who prefer to consider other options. The reasons for this decision may vary. For example, real sex dolls are too expensive, or you don't have enough space or privacy in your house to store a full-size bezlya s..

August 10 , 2022
You finally decided to make all your porn dreams come true. You decide to buy a sex doll. What a great and correct decision! Real thick sex dolls can be the lifelike companions you need to spice up your sex life. Rip open the package and you'll find unassembled body parts and a simple set of cloths...

April 19 , 2022
Society tends to taboo things that they don't understand, and unfortunately, sex dolls are one of them. Why Do You Buy Sex Dolls? People who buy thick sex dolls are often perceived as defective or out of character. People who want to buy a love doll will be embarrassed, and some people are afraid ..

August 17 , 2022
With the increasingly fierce competition in the sex doll industry, various love doll manufacturers are showing their magic, constantly improving their technical level and striving to win more market share. A series of innovative adult love doll and robots will be launched this year, including highly..

August 12 , 2022
You can learn 3P sex with love dolls for free. Lesbian sex with female sex dolls is also a must see. For those who want to experience real dolls after reading the article, welcome to visit our website: https://www.sodoll.com/. (1) A Beautiful Woman With A Great Body Masturbates With A Male Love Dol..

January 18 , 2022
A must-see for men who are erotic about the best body thick sex dolls! This time, we will introduce 10 sex doll erotic poses. It is content that both perverts who really like love dolls and people who are interested in love dolls can enjoy. You can watch 3P sex with real dolls for free. Lesbian sex ..

August 24 , 2022
It's also important to put your adult sex doll down when not in use. In order to prevent the love doll from spoiling, it is basically stored in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can cause fading. Also, it is not recommended to store it in a place prone to he..

February 24 , 2022
Love doll owners often have this question: What if someone comes to my house? There are always questions like this that deserve discussion. Let us now discuss this issue in this article. Here are some places, methods and precautions for placing thick sex dolls. Put Under The Bed Lying in bed is a ..

August 31 , 2022
This is an investment you need and need to be cared for like a pet. When you have a life-size Sodoll sex doll, you end up using it a lot. Taking care of your real doll can prolong the life of your sex doll, keeping it fresh, clean, sexy and attractive for future enjoyment. Remember, it must be kept..

August 25 , 2022
There is no denying that sex is an important activity in a long-term relationship. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to have sex with their partner. There are many other options on the market today that can help you fulfill your desires. Why customize a realistic love ..

April 27 , 2022
One of the biggest fears of people who own a sex doll for the first time is accidentally breaking a love doll. This is especially true if you've bought a lot of new clothes for your thick sex dolls, or if it's been worn for a long time. Love doll color transfer stains and damage. If you have a real ..

January 25 , 2022
Love dolls are never cheap. Although I spent a lot of money to buy it, when I encountered a situation where the insertion feeling was not ideal, I frankly wanted to cry. Here, let's introduce how to increase the feeling of inserting a sex doll for men who don't enjoy it as much as they think. Con..

April 27 , 2022
For reasons you can't imagine, most men prefer women with wide hips, this trend is logically identifiable, there are clear instructions when our customers buy wide hip Bezlya sex doll to clarify the debate we have The following information Irresistible women with big hips, and silicone sex dolls wi..

January 26 , 2022
From simple inflatable real dolls to humanoid silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, the sex doll industry has grown rapidly recently. Previously, these love dolls were not only considered taboo, but it was a shame to talk about sex in public. However, people have started to accept these sex dolls, a..

January 20 , 2022
Why don't you stay alone on your next vacation? How can a love doll make your face smile during the Christmas holidays? Christmas and Halloween belong to those who revel. Christmas with Beauty Sex Dolls Remember: You don't have to be alone this year! Lifelike Bezlya sex doll can accompany you an..

January 25 , 2022
When discussing whether older adults should be "sexually interested," you don't have to be polite, avoid taboos, and avoid taboos. The elderly are also human, and they must have sexual desire and "sexual interest", but society suppresses the elderly, attracts the elderly, and confuses the elderly. A..

April 10 , 2021
Silicone sex doll is non-toxic and tasteless. Chemically stable. Does not react with substances other than strong bases and hydrofluoric acid. It has high adsorption performance and heat. Silicone material has good stability and stable chemical properties, and is widely used in adult products and fo..

January 05 , 2022
We have launched a service that allows you to experience love dolls, but there are also some silicone sex dolls specific precautions. Whether it is rental or customs, if you are not careful when experiencing love dolls, it may lead to a lawsuit, so be sure to check carefully. Please Do Not Illegall..

January 02 , 2022
Here's what to look out for when buying used sex dolls. There are more things to be aware of when using an old xycolo sex doll than a new love doll. This is an important note to avoid making mistakes, so don't skip it. Used Sex Dolls May Have An Odor I'm sure you're worried, but old love dolls m..

January 01 , 2022
Sex position is a term that indicates the positional relationship between two people's bodies during sexual intercourse (attachment of the genitals). It is also simply called "pose" or "Lage" (German: Lage). It's important to note that there are also examples that include things that aren't strictly..

April 07 , 2021
Lifelike thick sex dolls are a great option for enjoying great sexual enjoyment without a female companion. And if you also want to have it for fun then you should buy wisely. But if you don't know the basic tricks and tips to keep in mind while buying a realistic Sex Doll for men, here are some tri..

April 12 , 2021
For most people, finding the right sex partner in real life is no mean feat. However, with the advent of love dolls, the meaning of spiritual fulfillment and pleasure has completely changed. Now people realize the importance of self-evaluation. Such people prefer to spend time with sex dolls because..

April 06 , 2021
Most people have the impression of real thick sex dolls buyers that they are geeky, single, withdrawn...they are usually not connected to the opposite sex and mostly marry late. However, according to related reports, married customers actually make up 30% to 40% of sex doll buyers. Couples who canno..

April 02 , 2021
If you've been looking for realistic female dolls and can't find them, you've come to the right place. This guide will walk you through each stage of buying a thick sex doll for women. There are many online sites where you can buy sex dolls at affordable prices from reputable sex doll manufacturers,..

February 02 , 2022
Unfortunately, many men prefer to explore their sexuality through masturbation, which has its own drawbacks. But having thick sex dolls allows you to take control of your bedroom and indulge your most hedonistic fantasies without fear of being judged. These love dolls will never let shame get in the..

February 17 , 2022
Sex dolls are magical beings that can provide certain types of entertainment for both men and women. Modern love dolls can provide realistic and pleasurable sexual experiences as the technology surrounding them improves significantly. Many times men and women are attached to them because they are be..

February 06 , 2022
Due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, there has been a decrease in the number of people eating out and working in the sex industry in order to prevent catching the novel coronavirus through contact with others. In particular, close contact with an indeterminate number of people such as customs is ..

August 27 , 2022
In fact, cleaning sex dolls is an easy task. If you have the right tools, you can accomplish cleaning tasks in no time. The love doll is mainly made of silicone and TPE. Maintenance methods vary by material. Silicone sex dolls dry faster, are easier to maintain, and are less prone to damage. On the..

August 22 , 2022
Of course, there are also cheap thick sex dolls, most of which cost around $1,000 to $3,000. With a small savings of 1-2 months, you can get a TPE love figure that will last for years. In fact, pretty cute love dolls can be more expensive. But if you just want a cute face, the height and materials a..

August 20 , 2022
So far, our love dolls are only a small part of what humans can do. The advantage is that women can be created to their liking without the need for permanent plastic surgery. Hybrid sex dolls can meet people's needs and feelings. Current real dolls are very basic and relate to real bodily sensations..

August 15 , 2022
Quality of life, love, affection, and most importantly, companionship. Not just limited to babies, children and adults, even the elderly need sincere love and sincere companionship. This is necessary at all stages of life, but older adults need companionship the most because their family may live fa..

August 20 , 2022
Having sex dolls has become a common topic and is no longer a secret. Every lonely man and woman in the city can choose an ideal hybrid sex doll to accompany him and walk through the lonely night. Sex Doll Can Fill Loneliness As you know, sex is an important activity that keeps your relationship s..

August 17 , 2022
Silicone is a synthetic material, a polymer with a chemical structure. These chemical structures consist of alternating chains of silicon and oxygen atoms, with organic groups attached to the silicon atoms.These compounds are resistant to chemical attack and very insensitive to temperature changes. ..

August 10 , 2022
Sex dolls are very popular with many people these days. You might be wondering why this is happening. Sex is the main reason people buy love dolls, but people's needs for hybrid sex dolls vary from person to person. Well, real dolls aren't just patronized by individuals who engage in unusual or unac..

August 05 , 2022
Gone are the days when people thought of sex dolls as inanimate robotic sculptures. However, technology has advanced over time, so many real doll manufacturers have offered to offer a variety of sex doll products that look exactly like real women. Not only does the look of the love doll surprise the..

August 04 , 2022
Apparently, silicone sex dolls have been around for a long time, and they help many lonely people get through lonely nights. But many clients feel embarrassed when contacting us or requesting information about love dolls, as if sex doll were a taboo, secret subject. But the reality is that love doll..

August 02 , 2022
In our store, we let customers choose and buy a large number of love dolls. Buyers may be skeptical. Not all TPE and silicone sex dolls play the same, but you must choose your real doll carefully. Decisions are important when it comes to these important purchases. I will introduce the material diffe..

July 30 , 2022
The demand for love dolls has increased significantly in recent years and is becoming a favorite among all adult fun seekers today. Each realistic silicone sex doll is made of high-quality materials to ensure long-term durability. And it looks and feels so realistic that it can satisfy your ultimate..

July 26 , 2022
Did you know that about 10% of our total population are disabled? They are human too, so the feeling of sex is real. Sex Dolls Help Disabled Libido Before silicone sex dolls, they didn't have the right to crave sex if they weren't in good health. People with disabilities often see themselves as un..

July 25 , 2022
In recent years, as the technology of making realistic silicone sex dolls has been improving with each passing day, the demand for love dolls has been increasing, and now there are many real dolls on the market. Beginners often don't know the specifications of sex doll chest, presumably many people ..

July 20 , 2022
Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a funky new love doll! Getting a new adult female sex doll is great fun, but with it comes a not-so-fun adult act: figuring out where and how to store it. Why Do You Hide Your Sex Dolls? Your friends may find these people strange or embarrassing, and you..

April 30 , 2020
Let me start by saying that female sex doll industry has a very saturated market. It's overwhelming, with a million different competitors to choose from. But it's hard to know who to trust and who's the "real deal." Scams do exist, and we'll help you recognize them and avoid them. Reasons to Buy Ou..

February 25 , 2020
With the opening of sexual culture. For some men, sex dolls are prettier and cuter than real women. More and more men are thinking this way. From now on, I will explain in detail the advantages of real doll instead of real woman. Why did you choose female love doll? Sex Doll Will Not Have Aids (HIV..

February 27 , 2020
Why does our society only allow single men to boldly go to the store to buy sex dolls, while single women must secretly suppress their sexual desires, this is a terrible backward social concept of sexuality? While it's true that man is more likely to orgasm than women without the help of love doll, ..

February 20 , 2020
Various factors make today's society more and more choices for people to pursue a happy life. A clear example is the growing popularity of real-life sex dolls in the sex toy market at home and abroad in recent years. The material for making the figures is first made of silicone, but also PVC. The us..

February 09 , 2020
Before you change your makeup, you need to carefully remove your love doll's previous makeup, we've put together a real hybrid sex doll makeup removal guide for you. With this guide, even beginners can remove makeup properly! How to Remove Makeup from Sex Doll? Many customers ask us after buying o..

February 05 , 2020
If you have a MILF sex doll, there will be tears and cracks if you are too violent during sex or care for it improperly, and we'll show you how to fix it. Use "special glue" to heal your beautiful love doll companion. Before repairing sex dolls, we need to understand what is TPE and what is TPE glu..

July 15 , 2022
While some may prefer silicone sex dolls to women, each party has various differences and privileges. Stunning obedience and convenience make these love dolls look superior to women, thereby setting them apart. The Humanization Process of Sex Dolls After extensive improvements, sex dolls are becom..

July 22 , 2022
Wearing wigs of different styles and colors on the same sex doll's face will show different aesthetics and characters. It's the same as women's tangled clothes. Different scenes need to match different styles of clothes. Wearing a wig is also a reason. Cleaning Sex Doll Wigs Requires Proper Guidanc..

July 14 , 2022
After using your sex doll for a while, you may notice her eyelashes fall out. You can easily fix it yourself. The manufacturer only uses false eyelashes and softgels, so they will fall out at some point. However, curly, upward curling lashes accentuate large and wide eyes of curvy love doll. Many pe..

July 01 , 2022
Owning a silicone sex doll is not only spiritually satisfying, it also has certain benefits for your physical health. Fucking Sex Dolls Can Work Out For example, having sex with a love doll can exercise your body, and you can also get a diet effect. Although they are lighter than real life, sex do..

January 07 , 2021
Life-size sex dolls are an important presence, both as libido-soothing companions and as healing companions. Buy An "Expensive Love Doll" Instead of A "Cheap Masturbator" Some people say, "Sex museums are like masturbators, you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy them." Of course XYcolo sex ..

January 09 , 2020
Men often hide their female sex dolls, so women feel betrayed and offended. What women fail to understand is that this is an activity that can only bring them closer with her permission. This reaction isn't limited to women, as there are countless men who also explode when they find a male sex doll ..

January 10 , 2020
If you are still confused about how to choose a suitable place to store your silicone sex doll, as you read this article, you will find that there are several hidden places in your home to store life size sex dolls. Precautions for Storing Sex Dolls Heat and sun exposure should be avoided (risk of..

January 16 , 2020
There are some points to be aware of when sharing sex with COSDOLL sex doll. Because a lot of blind spots and mishandling can damage your sex dolls when our libido hits our head. Let's analyze it. ① Use Both Hands When Moving The Joints of The Sex Doll Love doll's joints are so delicate. If you ha..

January 08 , 2020
As sex doll technology matures, today's love dolls are becoming more and more realistic. Not only does she look closer to a real woman, but her weight and height are almost human. However, milf sex dolls cannot move autonomously, which makes them more difficult to carry than humans. There Are Diffe..

August 19 , 2020
The lifelike sex doll is like a real woman, and you can enjoy real sex with the love doll in various positions. It's completely different from masturbation. But there are also real dolls without bones and joints, so be careful when buying them. If you want to have sex in different positions, choose ..

August 28 , 2020
Before getting into how to enjoy sex dolls, I'll start by talking about the basics of sex. A full-size tpe love doll is the equivalent of a large masturbator, and you can ditch the traditional sex toys and enjoy real sex with these lifelike sex dolls. Because real doll are much larger than ordinary ..

August 14 , 2020
Buying a love doll is an investment. The choice of sex dolls directly determines the comfort of having sex. A suitable Milf sex doll will greatly facilitate your sex process and increase your well-being.So, you need to know a lot about sex dolls before buying them. Check The Authenticity of Sex Dol..

April 08 , 2022
When planning to buy a sex doll for yourself, you'll want to know what the love doll's vagina looks like and how it feels. In general, there are two types of vaginas for female sex dolls: insertable (replaceable) and built-in (integrated). We would recommend that you buy a removable vagina. Benefit..

August 01 , 2020
When planning to buy a sex doll for yourself, you'll want to know what the real doll's vagina looks like and how it feels. This article will help you better understand your love doll vagina and help you make more informed choices. In general, there are two types of vaginas for female sex dolls: inse..

March 25 , 2020
I believe many people will encounter such a problem, is to put your Asian love doll in sexy beautiful clothes, soon your sex doll will be dyed. I'll show you how to solve this problem. Love Doll Cleaning Steps Step 1 → Remove the head and wash it separately. The real dolls should be washed wi..

March 25 , 2020
Why do people choose realistic love dolls? Why are they seen as mere sex dolls when others love them as partners? Why do some people recognize the spirits in them while others don't? These are questions that, to this day - in my opinion - have not been properly investigated and, most importantly, un..

March 26 , 2020
A sex doll is a sex toy used only as an aid to masturbation, providing emotional bonding and real companionship. It can make you feel like having sex with a real person and help you achieve intense orgasms. Sex dolls are great toys to enhance sexual experiences and enhance orgasms, but you need to k..

March 19 , 2020
Sex is a normal physiological need of human beings, and the need for sexual satisfaction is deeply rooted in everyone's soul. So, as history has it, man has gone on a journey to discover how to satisfy his sexual needs. First came the invention of sex toys, which later evolved into modern lifelike e..

March 10 , 2020
Once the physical sex doll arrives in your home, anyone can do whatever they want. The problem is where to put the used love dolls. A lot of people don't support it. We must learn to hide. At the same time, the placement of Real dolls is also very special. If you place a European sex doll anywhere, ..

April 05 , 2022
With the development of modern technology, the sex industry has flourished in a different way. Now you can buy super realistic sex toys online. Life size female sex dolls cost a lot due to their complexity. This isn't something you can buy on a whim, so you'll need to choose carefully on your first ..

January 20 , 2021
At this time, it is easy to find used sex dolls that many people use. There really is no harm in using a used life size silicone love doll. If you also want to buy used sex dolls, you can easily get them from many sources. A wide variety of realistic sex dolls allow users to easily find a sexual par..

January 30 , 2021
Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to buy a full-size silicone love doll, but you are worried that your neighbors will be embarrassed to find out when it comes to delivery. This article will give you some practical tips to help you secretly buy sex dolls without being discovered. ..

January 15 , 2021
The process is actually pretty simple, as easy as buying anything else online today. But the tricky part comes down to where you buy sex dolls and which ones to choose. There is a lot of information about real doll today. More than half of them may be fake news. At the Sodoll store, we want to break..

January 17 , 2021
Survey data from around the world shows that the cruelty and reality of society make more and more people suffer from singleness and loneliness, and the divorce rate is increasing every year. The reasons are very frustrating, divorce proceedings are on the rise due to unsatisfactory sexuality. As yo..

January 05 , 2021
Now that you've taken a big step in deciding to buy a sex doll, what's the next step? Time to learn some important things about sex dolls and some tips for buying the best love dolls. Why Buy A Love Doll? Before buying a sex doll, you must first consider why you are buying it. Love dolls are the s..

January 02 , 2021
With the opening up of sexual culture in various countries, the demand for the sex doll market is increasing day by day, and the advancement of its technology and materials has exceeded expectations. When most people think of sex dolls, they think of unrealistic inflatable dolls, which is nothing li..

April 12 , 2020
There is no shame in the topic of sex. Sex is ingrained in our DNA. This is why we still exist on Earth today. Everyone has the urge to have sex. It's just a fact. We humans are born with the ability to reproduce, and sexuality is a byproduct of that connection. Society has certainly sought many av..

April 07 , 2020
Silicone is a thermoset elastomer that is non-toxic, odorless and insoluble in water. Silicones are easy to clean, but some customers report they are sticky. Relatively expensive, but very resistant to heat, water and dirt. Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vaginal and anal cavities. This i..

April 05 , 2020
TPE is a thermoplastic and flexible material, which is a mixture of plastics, and has the characteristics of flexibility and ease of processing. This type of plastic mixture has thermoplastic and elastic properties. It can be rebounded and quickly recovered to its original shape. TPE real dolls are ..

April 04 , 2020
Full-size sex doll isn't just sex toy, it's detailed works of art -- at least the best. Made with the highest quality materials, our silicone sex dolls will keep you entertained for hours at home. These lifelike sex dolls will always be your faithful sex companions. What Is A Sex Doll? Love dolls ..

April 01 , 2020
Lora TPE #23 Head DL Doll 163cm Curly Hair H Cup Huge Boobs Sex Doll Mature American Love Doll Mom Real Dolls
Gina 165cm TPE Sex Dolls C Cup Charming Funwest Doll #023 Head Fair Skin European Love Doll Blonde Real Dolls
Eudora 159cm A Cup Sex Doll Funwest Doll #029 Head Blue Eyes Beautiful European Blonde Love Dolls TPE Material
Yara 163cm(5.35ft) Silicone Sex Dolls C Cup Brown Hair FANREAL Doll Slim Waist American Love Doll Curvy Real Dolls
Ensley 163cm(5.35ft) Silicone Sex Dolls E Cup Tightened Waist XYCOLO Doll Mature Figure European Love Doll Milf Real Dolls
Miyuki Silicone Irontech Doll S24 Head E Cup 164cm(5.38ft) Sex Dolls Classic Beauty Adult Love Doll Exquisite Face Chinese Real Dolls
Ezra D Cup FANREAL Doll Tight Waist Silicone Sex Dolls 173cm(5.68ft) Gorgeous Lady Real Doll Adult Japanese Love Doll
Anika TPE 162cm(5.31ft) Sex Dolls 20# Head COS Doll Lewd Pose Curvy Nude American Love Doll Milf C Cup Real Doll
Ashlyn Silicone JY Doll 161cm(5.28ft) E Cup Sex Doll Sucking Nipples Curvy Real Doll Lusty Asian Love Dolls
Fiona TPE HR Doll 60# Head 158cm(5.18ft) K cup Sex Doll Blonde Hair Curvy Real Doll Slim Waist European Love Dolls
Keilani 163cm(5.35ft) C Cup Sex Doll FANREAL Doll Smooth Skin Model Body Asian Love Dolls Adult Real Doll Silicone Materials
Kamari 163cm(5.35ft) B Cup Sex Doll XYCOLO Doll Big Eyes Sweet Moan Asian Love Dolls Skinny Real Doll Silicone Materials
Kevin M1 Head Irontech Doll Muscular Silicone Sex Dolls 170cm(5.58ft) Lusty Real Doll Male Black Love Doll
Vivi Silicone 173cm(5.68ft) D Cup Sex Doll Convex Figure FANREAL Doll Radiant Skin Chinese Love Dolls Milf Real Doll
Athena TPE 163cm(5.35ft) E Cup Sex Doll Deep Eyes #083 Head SE Doll Red Hair European Love Dolls Skinny Real Doll
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