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Sex dolls dominate the sex toy market, with more and more people showing great interest in this novel love doll companion. Assuming you already have the sexdolls of your dreams (or you already have a sex doll), all you have to do now is try her out. Now it's time for us to discuss the pre-purchase details together. This is the best realdoll review page after the customer purchases. This is the original impression of customers who actually purchased and used it! Here they share their experiences and emotional stories. We are happy to receive sex dolls feedback from our customers as it will serve as a reference for other customers. Below you can see more real love doll reviews, buyer ratings, user feedbacks, etc., which can help you know if Sexdoll is right for you. Come view it today!

Zaylee Silicone JY Doll 161cm(5.28ft) E Cup Sex Doll Sexy Lady Milf Real Doll Flowing Hair Japanese Love Dolls
Zaylee Japanese Jy Real Dolls Rating Popular 161cm E Cup Sex Dolls Experience
Great packaging no problem and easy to clean. Just be sure to let it dry overnight before using it again.
Andrew Butler

Vanora TPE 157cm (5.15ft) H Cup Sex Doll Soft Breasts SE Doll Fair Skin European Love Dolls Adult Real Doll
Vanora 157cm(5.15ft) H Cup European Se Lovedolls Rating Moan Real Doll Original Impression
Since having her training, my sexual prowess and technique have improved tremendously, and my performance with my significant other has improved.
Jason Johnson

Yvette 157cm (5.15ft) H Cup Sex Doll SE Dolls #078-C Head Slim Waist Realistic Nipples American Sexdolls Huge Boobs Real Doll TPE Materials
The Reviews Of Yvette Sex Dolls Whore Se 157cm(5.15ft) H Cup American Lovedoll Effect Feedback
The goods have been received! The first impression feels that the quality is not bad, and I finally experience it. I need to wait until I actually use it before I can draw a conclusion. I will objectively write pros and cons.
Jackson Johnson

Vicky H Cup #20 Head SE Doll Long Straight Hair TPE Sex Dolls 157cm (5.15ft) Exquisite Makeup Real Doll Curvy American Love Doll
The Reviews Of Vicky Realdolls Youth H Cup 157cm(5.15ft) American Se Lovedolls Rating
Her huge H cup tits are so insane I need to cuddle them to sleep every night.
Derrick Carter

Monica Hybrid 163cm(5.35ft) Sex Dolls JY Doll Convex Figure Slim Waist Japanese Love Doll Curvy J Cup Real Doll
The Reviews Of Monica Sex Dolls Perfect J Cup 163cm Japanese Jy Lovedoll Customer Rating
Does not have any strong smell. No brilliant discoloration or mold errors.
Douglas Green

Miya Silicone 165cm (5.41ft) Sex Dolls S1 Head Irontech Doll Fair Skin Shaking Tits Chinese Love Doll Adult G Cup Real Doll
The Reviews Of Miya Realdoll Attractive Irontech 165cm(5.41ft) G Cup Chinese Sexdoll Effect Feedback
The actual size of the breast is also a G cup, and it feels quite soft and elastic. A curvy body is irresistible to me.
Frederick Thompson

Masami S-XXL Boobs RHC032 Head ElsaBabe Doll Good Looking Silicone Sex Dolls 165cm (5.41ft) Playable Ass Real Doll Adult Japanese Love Doll
The Reviews Of Masami S-Xxl Breasts 165cm(5.41ft) Real Doll Porn Japanese Elsababe Sexdolls Real Experience
Personally, I really like its looks and stature. It just fits my aesthetic. But everyone's taste may be different, the above point of view is for reference only.
Romeo Ortiz

Marvel S-XXL Tits RHC035 Head ElsaBabe Doll Gentle Face Silicone Sex Dolls 165cm (5.41ft) Flowing Hair Real Doll Milf Chinese Love Doll
The Reviews Of Marvel 165cm(5.41ft) S-Xxl Breasts Realdolls Naked Elsababe Chinese Lovedolls True Score
Amazing figure, feels very real and firm. I can't live without it every day now, highly recommend it!
Miles Foster

Lyric LS59# Angelkiss Doll Silicone 165cm (5.41ft) F cup Sex Doll Nature Beauty Skinny Real Dolls European Love Doll
The Reviews Of Lyric Love Doll Glamorous F Cup 165cm (5.41ft) European Angelkiss Real Dolls Rating
The overall shape and figure are quite perfect! The details of the skin, nipples, and genitals are also well done
Barrett Davis

Lulu TPE #068 Head SE Doll 161cm (5.28ft) F Cup Sex Doll Tight Ass Adult Real Dolls Sweet Moan European Love Doll
The Reviews Of Lulu Real Doll Scream Se 161cm(5.28ft) F Cup European Sexdolls Customer Advice
The material of Tpe can ensure a very real touch, but it is still prone to tearing and splitting. I'm happy with this level of finish for this price.
Andre Price

Kira F cup Head S24 Irontech Doll Big Eyes Hybrid Sex Dolls 154cm (5ft1) Real Doll Curvy Asian Love Doll
The Reviews Of Kira F Cup 154cm (5ft1) Realdoll Bare Asian Irontech Sexdoll Real Experience
Vaginal part is tightened, like a virgin's feeling. The soft TPE skin allows the doll to be closer to you.
Nicholas Martinez

Kenna 161cm(5.28ft) E Cup Sex Doll JY Doll Sweet Moan Fuckable Ass Asian Love Dolls Skinny Furry Dress Real Doll Silicone Materials
The Reviews Of Kenna Realdolls Pretty Jy 161cm E Cup Asian Lovedolls Feedback
This is the first sex doll I've ever received. She is as real as a real woman. This is actually pretty amazing.
Ramiro Martinez

Keilani 163cm(5.35ft) C Cup Sex Doll FANREAL Sex Doll Smooth Skin Model Body Asian Love Dolls Adult Real Doll Silicone Materials
The Reviews Of Keilani C Cup 163cm Love Doll Attractive Asian Fanreal Real Dolls Customer Review
She is heavy, but not as bulky as some of the other reviews suggest. I can still take her weight.
Derrick Johnson

Katie TPE 153cm (5.02ft) H cup Sex Doll Head 159# DL Dolls Sweet Smile American Love Dolls Curvy Real Doll
The Reviews Of Katie H Cup 153cm (5.02ft) Real Doll Naked American Dl Sexdolls Customer Rating
Amazing boobs figure! Use with a little water-based lube and it feels like the real thing.
Nick Ward

Ivy 152cm (4.99ft) A Cup Sex Doll Irontech Doll S27 Head Curly Hair Charming Eyes American Love Dolls Curvy Real Doll Silicone Materials
The Reviews Of Ivy Sex Doll Irresistible A Cup 152cm(4.99ft) American Irontech Love Dolls Feedback
The price/performance ratio is good, the packaging is solid, and the surprise is that the main body is also very beautiful. Even after receiving it at home, it becomes even more charming with a little tidying up.
Barry Thompson

Felicia TPE #086 Head SE Doll 161cm (5.28ft) Energetic F Cup Sex Doll Sexy Nude European Love Doll Curvy Real Dolls
The Reviews Of Felicia 161cm(5.28ft) F Cup Sex Doll Hot Se European Love Dolls Customer Review
This sweet Japanese love doll arrived on schedule. It is in perfect condition with no visible scratches. Grateful!
Brady Brown

Emily Hybrid Head #68 DL Doll 163cm (5.35ft) F cup Sex Doll Purple Hair Cosplay Real Dolls Asian Love Doll
The Reviews Of Emily 163cm (5.35ft) F Cup Sex Doll Horny Dl Asian Love Dolls True Score
High quality and cheap tpe love doll! recommend!
Kevin Wright

Nancy TPE 161cm (5.28ft) Sex Dolls #068 Head SE Doll Energetic Enchanting Face American Love Doll Milf F Cup Real Doll
The Ratings Of Nancy Sex Doll Uncensored F Cup 161cm(5.28ft) American Se Love Dolls Rating
The joints are very stiff. At first, I thought I couldn't get her legs to bend forward at the hips, but I applied more pressure and she moved and stayed in place until I moved her again. I can tell from her design that it might be very, very important to store her in the correct position to avoid her premature tearing. All in all, her joints are great, she's curvy in her mid-back and hips, and spreads her legs for a lot of poses.
Theodore Scott

Karla FANREAL Silver Hair Silicone Sex Dolls 158cm(5.18ft) B Cup Pink Nipples Real Doll Adult Asian Love Doll
The Ratings Of Karla 158cm B Cup Real Doll Exquisite Fanreal Asian Sexdolls Effect Feedback
A love doll shop introduced to me by a friend. Great shopping experience!
Yehuda Parker

Cecily 161cm (5.28ft) F Cup Sex Doll SE Doll #001 Head Coquettish Figure Lusty American Love Dolls Big Boobs Real Doll TPE Materials
The Ratings Of Cecily F Cup 161cm(5.28ft) Realdoll Full Size American Se Sexdoll Customer Rating
Immediately unboxing it, I could tell there wasn't much of a difference in weight, but it looked more attractive in stature and appearance.
Geoffrey Ramirez

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