High-quality love doll & real sex dolls made of advanced silicone or affordable TPE.
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Buy MESE Sex Dolls with Exquisite Makeup and Curvy Body

Established in 2017, MESE Doll is popular in the US, Germany, Europe and other countries for its detailed and realistic appearance and affordable price. All MESE sex dolls have delightfully exaggerated yet ultra-detailed facial features, and the exquisite 3-hole design will wow you even more. These TPE real dolls have life-size M-shaped legs, you can enjoy missionary and back poses! M-shaped spread legs for excellent adhesion! Because of the spread of the legs, a fluid pose is possible! Can play in a stable position! Enjoy the ideal pose for hips, thighs and open legs!

Arden Silicone+Tpe Head 86 Mese Sex Doll 166cm (5.45ft) Short Hair Mature D Cup American Mom Love Doll
Diana K Cup Head 62 MESE Doll Sucking Nipples American Sex Dolls 169cm (5.54ft) Real Doll Blonde Love Doll
Avianna Soft Skin TPE MESE Doll #38 Head 158cm(5.18ft) C-cup Sex Doll Delicate Face Curvy Real Doll Gentle Smile Chinese Love Dolls
Arielle Fuckable Ass 166cm(5.45ft) B-cup Sex Doll MESE Doll #166 Head Deep Eyes Mature Figure American Love Dolls Skinny Real Doll TPE Materials
Giselle Tight Abs 166cm(5.45ft) TPE Sex Dolls B-cup Delicate Skin MESE Doll #177 Head Cute Nipples European Love Doll Skinny Real Dolls
Maxine Tightened Waist D cup MESE Doll Sexy Nude TPE Sex Dolls 166cm(5.45ft) Purple Hair Real Doll Curvy Asian Love Doll
Freyja Delicate Body TPE MESE Doll #11 Head 166cm(5ft5")) D cup Sex Doll Fair Skin Skinny Real Doll Gentle Smile Asian Love Dolls