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Collect The Correct Methods about How to Take Care of Sex Dolls

Regular cleaning is important to prolong the life of your love doll. Since TPE is highly absorbent, it is recommended that you clean your sex doll after each use. In this list of love doll blogs, we'll explain to you how to wash and take care of new sex doll after sex. We have also collected for you what to do if the love doll is accidentally soiled or has dust or dirt on the surface during the use of the love doll.

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After receiving the package, it is important to install the sex doll correctly. Improper installation may result in uncomfortable use and may even have an impact on safety. Here are some suggestions on how to properly mount a fanreal sexdoll. 1. Read the instruction manual Before installing the lov..

November 19 , 2020
Sex dolls need to be stored carefully since they are a private item if you want to keep them clean, hygienic, and long-lasting. With sexdolls, storage is especially crucial because they take up more room and are more likely to be contaminated and damaged if improperly stored. The following advice ca..

March 30 , 2023
Cleaning the intimate parts of your WM Sexdoll is just as important as cleaning the rest of her body. We recommend using a mild, water-based lubricant to make the process easier and more enjoyable for you and your real doll. To clean the intimate parts, use warm water and antibacterial soap with a ..

March 30 , 2023
Because they are relatively pricey, each realistic sex doll need maintenance. Your curvy sex doll must be protected from harm in order to last and remain high-quality. Observe the following advice: Use the right lubricant: Always use a water-based lubricant with your love doll. Oil-based or silicon..

March 20 , 2023
Sex dolls made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) have become increasingly popular due to their lifelike appearance and feel. However, owning a TPE love doll requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure its longevity and safety. In this article, we will discuss the necessary steps to keep yo..

March 18 , 2023
The development of the sex doll industry market is getting better and better, and everyone has gradually accepted the existence of real dolls. Then everyone knows, can sex dolls be washed? Today, Sodoll will give you a detailed introduction about the cleaning and care of Xycolo Dolls. 1. Adult clea..

March 12 , 2023
If you have purchased a Tantaly sex doll, it is important to know how to properly care for it to ensure its longevity and continued fun. Here are some tips for caring for your Tantaly sex doll. Clean and dry after use After using Tantaly Sexdolls, it is important to clean and dry thoroughly. Use wa..

February 03 , 2023
If you are a sex doll user, then you must clean them regularly. This is very important because sex dolls can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances during use, which can be harmful to your health. So, how do you clean a Tantaly Monroe sex doll? First, you need to know y..

August 08 , 2022
Secondhand sex dolls can be an affordable option for those who are interested in owning a sex doll but don't want to invest in a new one. However, proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary to ensure the cleanliness, hygiene, and longevity of a secondhand sex doll. In this article, we will share ..

May 17 , 2022
Adult sex dolls can be great or terrible. That said, it all depends on your state of mind about important sex. It would be great if sex toys were used as therapeutic aids to overcome certain sexual problems. Either way, in the occasional case, it's being used as a substitute for real sex with someon..

August 31 , 2022
Sex dolls are the most interactive sex toys out there, and they look great with or without virtual reality glasses. Put on glasses and you can draw anyone you like in there too. Most likely, you'll get a sex doll that doesn't reflect your sensuality. However, if you buy a cosplay uniform love doll ..

August 10 , 2022
For starters, the real world of love dolls can be mind-boggling. So there's a lot of unsure people asking the same questions about the life of a Mom Sex Doll and how the whole ownership process works. Now let's clarify. Here are the most frequently asked questions about buying, using and caring for ..

August 13 , 2021
The buttocks of life size sex dolls are the most used part. This also makes it prone to contamination and bacterial growth. So whether it's the rear of a sex doll torso or a full-sized Cosdoll Sex Doll, it needs maintenance and cleaning. Buttock care for Zelex Sex Doll primarily includes vaginal ..

March 01 , 2021
The first thing to do is to clean the damaged surface of the Irontech Sex Doll with petroleum jelly or Adult oil, in addition to cleaning, they can make the heat distribution more even. After applying Adult oil or petroleum jelly, start pointing the heat gun at the damaged area. Pay attention to th..

August 26 , 2022
This is a technology that makes the love doll stand independently by installing three bolts on the bottom of the sex doll's feet. Even a love doll that has no self-supporting ability can stand up by relying on something, but the material on the surface of the SE Doll is very soft and fluffy, and it ..

July 28 , 2022
What is life like with love dolls? Now, I want to express my personal opinion on what is fun with love dolls. ① Dress up and play like a Barbie doll Whether you're a man or a woman, you probably played with Barbie dolls or something similar as a Adult for one reason or another. A love doll can be ..

May 18 , 2022
1. Cleaning: To clean the surface of the sex doll, you only need to clean it with water and your usual shower gel. It is not recommended to use soap for cleaning, because the soap and soap (sulphur soap must not be used) will come to the Irontech Sex Doll. It is very difficult to clean. If you encou..

March 25 , 2022
Sex dolls are beautiful creations. They come from sculpting artists who made sure they would hold up even if the owner wasn't so careful wiggling them. But over time, Xycolo Dolls can suffer damage, and while some of that damage is irreparable, some of it can be repaired if you know enough about how..

January 23 , 2022
If we were less obsessed with sex, perhaps more people on the planet would overcome the belief that men and women cannot be friends without sex. It is a foolish belief to think that it is time for us to set aside. There are many modes of reproduction that do not require unprotected sex with the oppo..

August 28 , 2022
Sex doll brands can be said to be varied, making it confusing for novices to choose. Europe, the United States and Japan are the origins of sex toys, and the development of Zelex Sex Doll is relatively advanced. Among them, REALDOLL and OT are big foreign brands, but the price of more than 100,000 y..

August 20 , 2022
Clean Love Doll's Skin To remove dust, gently cleanse your skin with a warm water tower. Whether your WM Sex Doll is made of silicone or TPE, she doesn't like wetness. Do not get your skin wet. After cleansing the skin, dry it with another towel. Silicone (or TPE) Irontech Sex Dolls produce oils t..

August 17 , 2022
The only body part where water (or other products) can enter the real doll's body is the joint between the neck and head. Remember that when you need to clean your Funwest Doll. In the case of a joint-type love doll, there is no problem if it is just a shower, but it is recommended that you refrain ..

July 10 , 2022
I spent a fortune on everything I needed to take care of my favorite Milf Sex Doll, and I spent a lot of time researching, reading articles, and watching videos to prepare. There's a lot of maintenance and expense involved, but that's okay because it's worth it to me. Pretty Sex Doll Bring Me Spiri..

April 20 , 2022
The love doll needs to be washed after use. Many people must have encountered this problem. Of course, some people must find it a bit troublesome to clean. It would be nice if sex dolls could clean themselves, but of course they can't. So how can we save time? To solve the cleanliness problem, someo..

April 03 , 2022
With its overwhelming appearance and sexy figure, Thick Sex Doll has attracted many players and gained a lot of support. Real dolls look beautiful but are ugly when made. The face looks nice, but because it is simple and bald, it looks unattractive to the user. That's why you need makeup artists, if..

March 07 , 2022
When buying products, you should not be like a headless chicken. First, you must have a general grasp of the product and don’t blindly believe in advertisements. Of course, you should also pay attention to the purchase of Zelex Sex Dolls. Then, as a beginner, how should you choose a sex doll? ..

April 12 , 2020
With the increasing number of singles in the world, more and more people pursue freedom and are unwilling to get married, so they can only use sex toys or Zelex Sex Dolls to solve their physical sexual needs. How To Use A Sex Doll? Real dolls should be cleaned before use. When using a WM Sex Doll,..

February 24 , 2022
When you love something, you always want to have it and be together forever. isn't it? Then again, why would you ignore details or make mistakes when caring a realistic Zelex Sex Doll? Of course I know you love this love doll and don't want to hurt it. But some things are done to the real dolls unco..

July 23 , 2022
Some people buy dolls, and after a certain number of days, the skin will become brittle and peel off. In fact, I have been in this state many times before, but there is an unexpected reason, and it is easy to recover. In this issue, I will introduce the reasons and solutions for the crispy skin of H..

December 17 , 2021
These days, women all over the world are looking for a man with beautiful features and a big dick that will satisfy their needs. Women also need a faithful Male Sex Doll companion. Reasons Women Need Men's Love Dolls According to a recent study, scientists have discovered that women have a stronge..

February 22 , 2021
Technology is creating artificial porn agents, advanced sex doll robots we call real dolls. These virtual or augmented companions, porn chatbots, and sexbots are increasingly exposing humans to artificial intelligence. Potential for intimacy and sexuality. Their appearance has sparked debates in bo..

February 25 , 2021
Color transfer from Xycolo Dolls can be removed using a kitchen warmer or olive oil, but it takes more time and effort than you might think. Of course, if the love doll is not repaired, it cannot be teased. On the other hand, even if you find a Realistic outfit after working so hard to make it look ..

August 04 , 2021
If there is color transfer on the YL Sex Doll that has not been noticed for a long time, it cannot be easily removed even with kitchen cleaners later. It might thin out a bit from oil bleed, but it's worrisome if you're using it for the first time. If you are selling parts, only buy color transfer p..

August 15 , 2021
Sex dolls are both a lover and a source of visual entertainment, and many men prefer K Cup Sex Dolls to dress them up. So they bought different wigs for her hairstyle to make her look better. Wigs are an important part of makeup love dolls. Sex doll has amazing hairstyles and look even sexier. Choo..

August 03 , 2021
In order to get the best care and safety for your real doll, you need to know whether your sex doll is made of silicone or TPE. Care and maintenance vary by manufacturer's recommendations. All established guidelines must be followed when handling DL Sex Dolls so we can ensure you and your love dolls..

August 30 , 2021
Usually, this cracking and deterioration does not occur when there is no load on the skin. If possible, it could be the high frequency of joint bending and stretching, or the hardening and tearing caused by the loss of elasticity of the silicone after many years of manufacture. If your F Cup Sex Dol..

August 13 , 2021
People who use lover dolls for the first time do not do much about the maintenance and cleaning methods of Chinese Sex Dolls, so the way to take care of their lover dolls is different. As a result, the lover doll was not cleaned up completely, and even new damage was added to the lover doll. That's ..

May 10 , 2022
Midsummer is here, the thermometer has risen by more than 30 degrees, and the sun is shining early in the morning. Summer is a wonderful time of year (my sweetheart complains about my words in the background, but I don't mind) I love him so much because despite the slats the room is not only well li..

June 16 , 2022
It's also important to put your adult sex doll down when not in use. In order to prevent the love doll from spoiling, it is basically stored in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can cause fading. Also, it is not recommended to store it in a place prone to he..

February 24 , 2022
This is an investment you need and need to be cared for like a pet. When you have a life-size Sodoll sex doll, you end up using it a lot. Taking care of your real doll can prolong the life of your sex doll, keeping it fresh, clean, sexy and attractive for future enjoyment. Remember, it must be kept..

August 25 , 2022
One of the biggest fears of people who own a sex doll for the first time is accidentally breaking a love doll. This is especially true if you've bought a lot of new clothes for your thick sex dolls, or if it's been worn for a long time. Love doll color transfer stains and damage. If you have a real ..

January 25 , 2022
In fact, cleaning sex dolls is an easy task. If you have the right tools, you can accomplish cleaning tasks in no time. The love doll is mainly made of silicone and TPE. Maintenance methods vary by material. Silicone sex dolls dry faster, are easier to maintain, and are less prone to damage. On the..

August 22 , 2022
Before you change your makeup, you need to carefully remove your love doll's previous makeup, we've put together a real hybrid sex doll makeup removal guide for you. With this guide, even beginners can remove makeup properly! How to Remove Makeup from Sex Doll? Many customers ask us after buying o..

February 05 , 2020
If you have a MILF sex doll, there will be tears and cracks if you are too violent during sex or care for it improperly, and we'll show you how to fix it. Use "special glue" to heal your beautiful love doll companion. Before repairing sex dolls, we need to understand what is TPE and what is TPE glu..

July 15 , 2022
Wearing wigs of different styles and colors on the same sex doll's face will show different aesthetics and characters. It's the same as women's tangled clothes. Different scenes need to match different styles of clothes. Wearing a wig is also a reason. Cleaning Sex Doll Wigs Requires Proper Guidanc..

July 14 , 2022
After using your sex doll for a while, you may notice her eyelashes fall out. You can easily fix it yourself. The manufacturer only uses false eyelashes and softgels, so they will fall out at some point. However, curly, upward curling lashes accentuate large and wide eyes of curvy love doll. Many pe..

July 01 , 2022
There are some points to be aware of when sharing sex with COSDOLL sex doll. Because a lot of blind spots and mishandling can damage your sex dolls when our libido hits our head. Let's analyze it. ① Use Both Hands When Moving The Joints of The Sex Doll Love doll's joints are so delicate. If you ha..

January 08 , 2020
Please read the following instructions before using your new sex dolls for the first time. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble later on, and to some extent your thick sex doll will last longer. Tips for Using The New Love Doll ◆ Do not expose sex dolls to direct sunlight.s ◆ Store in a dry p..

August 27 , 2020
Buying a love doll is an investment. The choice of sex dolls directly determines the comfort of having sex. A suitable Milf sex doll will greatly facilitate your sex process and increase your well-being.So, you need to know a lot about sex dolls before buying them. Check The Authenticity of Sex Dol..

April 08 , 2022
I believe many people will encounter such a problem, is to put your Asian love doll in sexy beautiful clothes, soon your sex doll will be dyed. I'll show you how to solve this problem. Love Doll Cleaning Steps Step 1 → Remove the head and wash it separately. The real dolls should be washed wi..

March 25 , 2020
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