High-quality love doll & real sex dolls made of advanced silicone or affordable TPE.

Realistic and Sexy AXB Sex Dolls for Sale

As a new Chinese brand started in 2017, most of AXB Doll's business is in the Asian market. This brand has research on the face and head of love dolls, and pays special attention to the development of adult sex dolls. It is a brand known as "AXB DOLL of Lori TPE sex dolls". AXB sex dolls are available in relatively small bust designs and are known for their realistic adult sex dolls and Japanese real dolls. Of course, there are also AXB love dolls with big breasts, but they don't have a particularly lively figure. For now... There are also weird three-hole and five-hole sex dolls, but it can be said that they are basically centered on "beautiful adult".

Charlotte AXB Doll GE90 166cm (5.45ft) Black Hair Silicone Head Sex Dolls Erotic C cup Love Doll Mature Real Dolls
Jennifer AXB Doll GE93 160cm (5.25ft) Black Hair Hybrid Sex Doll Horny C cup Love Doll Skinny Real Dolls
Zenaida - 170cm Blonde Hair Fair Skin Sex Doll GE76 AXB Doll Elegant European Love Doll Medium Boobs Milf Real Dolls
Kalina - GE75 AXB Dolls 170cm Long Hair Smooth Skin Sex Doll Skinny American Love Doll Medium Boobs Milf Real Doll
Marcia - GE74 AXB Dolls 170cm Short Hair Fair Skin Sex Doll Mature European Love Doll Medium Tits Milf Real Doll
Mina - 170cm Black Hair Tan Skin Sex Doll Slender American Love Doll Medium Boobs Milf Real Doll GE72 AXB Dolls
Kamaria - TE75 AXB Dolls 170cm Light Tan Skin Sex Doll Beautiful European Love Doll Medium Breasts Milf Real Doll
Akemi - TE74 AXB Doll 170cm Blonde Hair Tan Skin Sex Doll Sexy American Love Dolls Medium Boobs Mature Looking Real Doll
AXB 170cm Big Tits Slim Sex Doll May European Blonde Hair Tan Skin Milf Real Dolls for Men
AXB TPE Body Band Simulation Makeup + Silicone Head Sex Dolls 165cm E-cup Huge Tits Chinese Love Doll Lucky (gift the same TPE head)