High-quality love doll & real sex dolls made of advanced silicone or affordable TPE.

Lifelike Bezlya Sex Doll Made of Silicone or TPE Material

Bezlya sex dolls are Asian sweet style love dolls with exciting softness and pure makeup. These high quality sex dolls are perfect replicas of real female body and facial features. The perfect combination of silicone head + TPE body allows Bezlya real doll to offer a level of fidelity that rivals almost every other brand at an affordable price. Also,Bezlya Doll was the first manufacturer to create a new water slide vagina. This practical feature will make you immerse yourself in the exciting sex atmosphere.

Sonora 155cm(5.09ft) A Cup Sex Doll Bezlya Doll Delicate Face Erotic Chinese Love Dolls Furry Real Doll Silicone Head Materials
Bezlya Lifelike Silicone Head Sex Doll 155cm Petite Body Sexy A-cup Small Breast Love Doll Docile Asian Real Doll Chana
Bezlya 160cm Silicone Head TPE Body Hybrid Sex Dolls Sweet Blonde Elf Love Doll B-cup Small Tits Slender Real Doll Penny
150cm A-cup silicone Bezlya love doll for male Asian Sex Doll 150cm A-cup
Eliza 150cm A-cup Silicone Bezlya Doll Real Life Asian Love Doll Sexy Small Tits Sex Doll for Male
$2,899.99 $3,044.99
Bezlya 160cm G-cup Full Size Silicone Real Dolls Japanese Huge Tits Adult Sex Doll Luka
168cm C-cup Silicone Bezlya Dolls Asian Sweet Looking Blonde Curvy Hair High Quality Love Doll Clara
Silicone head TPE body Bezlya dolls163cm B-cup Realistic Asian Sex Doll Porn
163cm B-cup Silicone Head TPE Body Bezlya Dolls Pretty Asian Adult Sex Doll Vivian
$1,923.38 $2,024.62
160cm B-cup Asian High Quality Sporty adult Jimi Silicone TPE Bezlya Sex Doll
MuMu 160cm B-cup Silicone Head TPE Body Sex Dolls Bezlya Asian High Quality adult Real Doll
Lijing - Quiet American Sex Doll 155cm F-cup Big Boobs Love Dolls TPE Body Silicone Head Hybrid Real Doll Bezlya Doll
Doll Information

Features of Bezlya Sex Dolls

The main material of Bezlya sex doll is TPE material imported from Japan, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and is closer to real skin. The vagina of Bezlya doll is made of TPE high toughness material, the entrance is narrow and compact, and the internal shape is flexible. The upgraded TPE material can be pulled for a long time and is not easy to tear.

The bones and joints of Bezlya love dolls are new self-developed all-metal bones. It has finger and toe joints very similar to real human skeletons, capable of complex movements, and you can take any sexual position you can imagine.

Bezlya sex doll has the innovative function of a water-slippery vagina. Just add a small amount of water, and the real doll's vagina will automatically moisten without the need for additional lubricants. The sex doll experience is very real.

Can Bezlya Love Dolls Be Customized?

It has 11 skin tones including white, natural, wheat and black.
It has 89 head shapes, and each Bezlya sex doll has an innocent and Realistic face.
It has 18 body types ranging from 100cm to 170cm and each height Asian sex doll has its own very unique side. It is worth mentioning that it performed a 3D 1:1 scan of the body shape of the 163's, which is exactly the same as a real person.