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The Pros And Cons Of Using Sex Dolls For Men

Sex dolls can meet the physiological needs of all kinds of people, solve their physiological needs, and are safe and gentle, and can also reduce the crime rate, but there is also one point, is it okay for men to use Xycolo Dolls frequently, is there any harm?

Stokes And Her Silicone Sex Doll Companion

According to the Daily Star, Stokes has been in a relationship with a life-size Irontech Sex Doll called Mimi for two years. He said that his love for "artificial partners" is not because of hostility to real women, but because some things are so "weird". "Mimi" satisfies his sexual urges, reduces anxiety and improves his mental health, Stokes said.

Even looking at what's going on in town, Stokes admits that he once had a colorful social life, but was affected by his relationship with "Mimi", and he can see that the people who used to hang out with him, People in the social circle generally regard his relationship as a disgrace: "I think almost everyone stopped talking to me or seeing me because they were afraid of having to face this or this. Respect the real doll.” Stokes claims that his relationship with the SE Doll has also had a positive impact, and his close relatives and friends know that all aspects of his life have been improved because of the presence of “Mimi”. It was like a cancer to him, affecting all aspects of his health, but "Mimi" helped him successfully overcome his loneliness. Stokes said that the combination of AI technology and artificial companions is about to become a reality in the future.

Can Men Often Use Love Dolls?

The pace of life at this stage is so fast, even the matter of intercourse should be resolved quickly. If it is a communication between two real people, it will inevitably take more work. At this time, the optional Zelex Sex Doll is just right. No emotional communication, no loving touch, just to satisfy yourself, very easy.

But there is a limit to everything. Is it okay to use real dolls frequently? Will there be any other harm to men’s physiology and psychology? The answer is yes, because the communication with WM Sex Dolls is too troublesome, Fellow men may think that communicating with ordinary women is too much trouble, and you have to spend all your energy trying to figure out what women think, coaxing them, and so on. And love dolls can just be at your mercy, satisfying the machismo of many men. Because of this, men can’t use sex dolls often, just moderate. If they are used excessively, they will be harmful but not beneficial. If it is serious, it may cause social phobia, or communication barriers with ordinary women, etc. Living with a real doll all day is doomed not to have a happy marriage.

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