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Many of my blog readers already have realistic Xycolo Dolls. But there were always potential love doll friends asking me questions, and I knew of scenes where they didn't have sex with them despite having sex dolls. So it's always important to me to point out what it's really like to have sex with a..

March 10 , 2022
1. Cleaning: To clean the surface of the sex doll, you only need to clean it with water and your usual shower gel. It is not recommended to use soap for cleaning, because the soap and soap (sulphur soap must not be used) will come to the Irontech Sex Doll. It is very difficult to clean. If you encou..

March 25 , 2022
Whenever our wishes come true, we pin our hopes on real things we can touch. From the closure of Japan's first sex doll experience store "Airaku" to the "love story" of love dolls that has become a hot topic, Internet users who are isolated from the world have heard of real dolls. Speaking of Ai se..

March 22 , 2022
With its overwhelming appearance and sexy figure, Thick Sex Doll has attracted many players and gained a lot of support. Real dolls look beautiful but are ugly when made. The face looks nice, but because it is simple and bald, it looks unattractive to the user. That's why you need makeup artists, if..

March 07 , 2022
The novel coronavirus epidemic has seriously affected everyone's life. Working from home has become the norm and we have to stare at screens all day. The family is in a bad mood. Family members are like enemies. Friends and socializing are a thing of the past. Small tasks like washing dishes and cle..

March 04 , 2022
Realistic sex dolls have gained worldwide recognition and what's even better, they're making epic appearances on every continent. Like any other industry, the sex doll industry has gone through numerous evolutions, especially when it comes to sex doll quality. The Granny Sex Doll is not only made of..

March 02 , 2022
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