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Sex dolls have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a more realistic sexual experience for those who prefer it. Tantaly is a well-known brand that produces high-quality sex dolls, including torso models. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a Tantaly torso sex dol..

August 26 , 2020
About 40% of customers are currently engaged. You may be wondering, "Why would they need a sex doll after that?" As our clients tell us, Curvy Sex Dolls have helped improve their sex lives. It spices things up with a refurbished zest. TPE sex dolls can be a threesome or train a man to sleep longer ..

August 20 , 2020
Introducing the recommended love doll big booty! It is a feature of the super big buttock Cosdoll Sex Doll that you can enjoy playing closer to the real thing. We have prepared various types of butt sex dolls, so enjoy the best butt masturbation! The big ass furry sex doll has a hard and soft textu..

August 01 , 2020
A man in a certain area of the United States bundled a 1:1 human-like silicone Zelex Sex Doll with black pigment tape, packed it, and put it on the back seat of a motorcycle to be transported to his new residence. Through the plastic bag, the human form can still be vaguely seen, like a person lying..

August 29 , 2020
Please read the following instructions before using your new sex dolls for the first time. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble later on, and to some extent your thick sex doll will last longer. Tips for Using The New Love Doll ◆ Do not expose sex dolls to direct sunlight.s ◆ Store in a dry p..

August 27 , 2020
As sex doll technology matures, today's love dolls are becoming more and more realistic. Not only does she look closer to a real woman, but her weight and height are almost human. However, milf sex dolls cannot move autonomously, which makes them more difficult to carry than humans. There Are Diffe..

August 19 , 2020
The lifelike sex doll is like a real woman, and you can enjoy real sex with the love doll in various positions. It's completely different from masturbation. But there are also real dolls without bones and joints, so be careful when buying them. If you want to have sex in different positions, choose ..

August 28 , 2020
Before getting into how to enjoy sex dolls, I'll start by talking about the basics of sex. A full-size tpe love doll is the equivalent of a large masturbator, and you can ditch the traditional sex toys and enjoy real sex with these lifelike sex dolls. Because real doll are much larger than ordinary ..

August 14 , 2020
When planning to buy a sex doll for yourself, you'll want to know what the love doll's vagina looks like and how it feels. In general, there are two types of vaginas for female sex dolls: insertable (replaceable) and built-in (integrated). We would recommend that you buy a removable vagina. Benefit..

August 01 , 2020
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