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As a new type of sex product, sex dolls have gained high popularity and recognition in the market. Although this product can satisfy people's sexual needs and fantasies to a certain extent, if it is not fully utilized, its usefulness may also be limited. Therefore, how to make love dolls play a grea..

April 09 , 2020
Do what I like so I can love you. This is what the sculptor cMcMullen once said. Users buy Granny Sex Doll because they are self-aware and know they are more than toys, he said. Users subjectively prefer to be given a certain personality, and with the help of artificial intelligence technology, they..

April 27 , 2020
At present, the silicone sex doll industry in China and even in the world is getting higher and higher. why is it like this? I believe these Milf Sex Dolls bring not only physical pleasure, but also peace of mind. Sex Dolls Are Not Olny About Sex Sex is not a necessity of life, but an essential me..

April 16 , 2020
When buying products, you should not be like a headless chicken. First, you must have a general grasp of the product and don’t blindly believe in advertisements. Of course, you should also pay attention to the purchase of Zelex Sex Dolls. Then, as a beginner, how should you choose a sex doll? ..

April 12 , 2020
Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder and muscular man from Kazakhstan, fell madly in love with the real doll "Margo". He held a wedding ceremony in the 18th month of his relationship. He was wearing a handsome suit and tie, and gently put the wedding ring on the bride hands, passionately kisses the beautifu..

April 10 , 2020
The service life of love doll is very long. When you "get along", you may develop "feelings". It is common for modern Lifelike people to change jobs, and then there is a very serious problem. When moving, What about sex dolls? Today we will talk about the details that should be paid attention to whe..

April 25 , 2020
Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a funky new love doll! Getting a new adult female sex doll is great fun, but with it comes a not-so-fun adult act: figuring out where and how to store it. Why Do You Hide Your Sex Dolls? Your friends may find these people strange or embarrassing, and you..

April 30 , 2020
The appearance of lifelike sex dolls has greatly liberated the sexual desires of urban men and women. Maybe you know a lot about the use of silicone real doll, but you don't know anything about the history of love dolls. So, this time, I want to retrace the historical development of sex doll. I have..

April 09 , 2020
With the opening up of sexual culture in various countries, the demand for the sex doll market is increasing day by day, and the advancement of its technology and materials has exceeded expectations. When most people think of sex dolls, they think of unrealistic inflatable dolls, which is nothing li..

April 12 , 2020
There is no shame in the topic of sex. Sex is ingrained in our DNA. This is why we still exist on Earth today. Everyone has the urge to have sex. It's just a fact. We humans are born with the ability to reproduce, and sexuality is a byproduct of that connection. Society has certainly sought many av..

April 07 , 2020
Silicone is a thermoset elastomer that is non-toxic, odorless and insoluble in water. Silicones are easy to clean, but some customers report they are sticky. Relatively expensive, but very resistant to heat, water and dirt. Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vaginal and anal cavities. This i..

April 05 , 2020
TPE is a thermoplastic and flexible material, which is a mixture of plastics, and has the characteristics of flexibility and ease of processing. This type of plastic mixture has thermoplastic and elastic properties. It can be rebounded and quickly recovered to its original shape. TPE real dolls are ..

April 04 , 2020
Full-size sex doll isn't just sex toy, it's detailed works of art -- at least the best. Made with the highest quality materials, our silicone sex dolls will keep you entertained for hours at home. These lifelike sex dolls will always be your faithful sex companions. What Is A Sex Doll? Love dolls ..

April 01 , 2020
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