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Which Countries Have Laws Restricting Sex Dolls?

In many countries, the use of love dolls is legal, but in some countries, the possession and use of sex dolls is restricted by law. Many countries have unclear legal restrictions on real dolls, with some banning their sale and use entirely, while others only restrict their sale and use. This situation also reflects the controversy and uncertainty about Fanreal Doll. Here are some countries that restrict the use of sex dolls:


In 2018, India's Supreme Court issued an injunction against the manufacture, sale and public display of sex dolls, deeming them "obscene." The bill also defines the activities as human trafficking and provides for a maximum sentence of seven years in prison for perpetrators.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Sharia law in the UAE prohibits pornography of any kind, including love dolls. Therefore, buying, selling or possessing sex dolls is illegal in the UAE, and those who violate the law may be punished with heavy fines.


Possession and use of real dolls is illegal in Malaysia. While this is not clearly stated in the law, many Malaysians consider the use of sex dolls to be immoral based on moral laws and religious values.

South Korea

Although there are no laws explicitly prohibiting love dolls in South Korea, the government is cautious about the sale and use of Mom Sex Doll, and Koreans generally do not accept this product. In 2016, South Korean police banned the sale of a love doll called Tentacle.


There are no national legal restrictions on the sale and use of real dolls in Australia, but some local governments and community organizations have taken action to ban sex dolls from their areas or markets.

United States

In the United States, sex dolls are not legal in most states, but some states have implemented bans or restrictions on the use or sale of these products. For example, states including Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee have restrictions on love dolls.


There are no national laws prohibiting the sale and use of sex dolls in Canada, but some cities, such as the Canadian city of Vancouver, have begun to take action to ban the sale of these products.

Regardless of the country, the controversy over Yearn Doll has not stopped. On the one hand, some people believe that sex dolls can provide a private, safe, and comfortable sexual experience, and can help those who lack a sexual partner or want to try new sexual experiences. On the other hand, some people believe that lovedolls will have a negative impact on human morality and social ethics, and even exacerbate issues such as gender discrimination. Regardless, sex dolls have become a global industry and will continue to grow as technology continues to evolve and market demands change. However, we also need to do more thinking and discussion on it, in order to find a balance point that can not only satisfy human needs, but also maintain social morality and ethics.

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