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XY Doll is the industry leader in hybrid sex dolls with silicone head and TPE body. XY sex doll's head is made of high quality silicone material and her body is made of safe and non-toxic tpe material. Silicone is known to be more realistic compared to TPE material. However, silicone materials are often more expensive, and most users do not plan to invest a large budget to buy them. Lifelike XY sex doll just combines the advantages of pure TPE and pure silicone, while abandoning their shortcomings, which can not only achieve exquisite and realistic effects, but also make it affordable for more people. Sodoll has always been a good partner of the XY Doll brand and an authorized distributor. From sodoll.com you can buy the latest authentic XY real dolls and enjoy free shipping.

Aelene 168cm (5.51ft) C Cup Sex Doll XY Doll Head by015 Blue Eyes Asian Love Dolls Skinny Real Doll Hybrid Materials
Sofia Hybrid Head by013 XY Doll 158cm (5.18ft) F Cup Sex Doll Sexy Figure Big Breasts Real Dolls American Love Doll
Alba Hybrid XY Doll Head BY017 F Cup 158cm (5.18ft) Sexdolls Smooth Skin Milf Love Doll European Real Dolls
Nevaeh Hot 158cm (5.18ft) Smooth Skin Hybrid Love Doll Pretty D cup Sex Dolls Skinny Real Doll XY Doll
D-cup silicone head XY love doll Buy Lifelike XY Sex Doll
XY 158cm C-cup Jelly Breast Silicone Head Love Doll Aimi Japanese Skinny Adult Sex Dolls with EVO Skeleton
$1,431.43 $1,506.15
Japanese D-cup Jelly Breast XY sex doll Full Size 148cm Sex Doll
Aiko Sexy D-cup Jelly Breast Japanese Maid Adult Real Doll Silicone Head TPE Body EVO Skeleton XY Sex Doll
$1,288.62 $1,356.45
168cm C-cup American Milf Sex Dolls Silicone Head TPE Body S-Makeup Face EVO Skeleton Jelly Breast XY Doll Yako
Realistic D-cup Asian Beauty XY sex doll Affordable Silicone Head Sex Dolls
XY Brand D-cup Jelly Chest S-Makeup Facial Silicone Head Sex Dolls Upgrade EVO Skeleton Love Doll Realistic Asian Sex Doll Yuki
$1,288.61 $1,356.44
XY 158cm Soft C-Cup Jelly Tits S-Makeup Facial Silicone Head EVO Skeleton Love Dolls Asian Sexy Medium Breast Sex Doll YOYO