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New Market Trend: From Physical Sex Dolls to AI Love Dolls

"Lucy, I think you're stupid."

"It's because you're stupid that I'm looking for you. Why do you want to be smart?"

The mouth, eyes, and eyebrows can move, and they can wittily respond to daily "molestation". Love dolls that combine beauty and artificial intelligence have become star products in the simulation Funwest Doll industry.

With the rise of the concept of artificial intelligence in recent years, Liu Jiangxia is keenly aware of the direction of the wind, "There are some robots on the market, the artificial intelligence technology is very good, but the appearance is not really humanoid. We have advantages in humanoid, can we use the technology An organic combination with the shape?"

In 2016, she invested in the research and development of AI real dolls, and officially launched them to the market in April 2017, becoming the earliest "water tester"-although the price of each is at least 10,000 yuan, there are still many customers Inquire and place an order.

The reporter saw at the scene that Lucy can blink, smile, adjust eyebrows up and down, and adjust body posture. She can also communicate with the outside world through the intelligent voice system. Because the search database is embedded in the program, "she" can also Check all kinds of information in real time, including news of the day, weather, etc.

"This is not only a passive toy, but also a vivid companion with interactive feedback and spiritual companionship." Liu Jiangxia said frankly that Lucy's technology is still immature, such as slow response and inaccurate recognition. A new generation of AI sex dolls is in the process of development. "We have reconfigured the voice system, and the facial expression control is more precise. If the machine parts inside can be mass-produced, the production cost will be greatly reduced."

Liu Jiangxia's target market is not limited to the current Irontech Sex Doll market. In her schedule, AI sex dolls for elderly care are already in cooperation and negotiation. She plans to add a medical care module to the program to realize basic functions such as measuring pulse, heartbeat, and making emergency calls. On the other hand, home smart AI real dolls are also planned. "For example, waking up the air conditioner, turning on the TV, and closing the curtains are relatively easy to do technically. Smart SE Dolls are an important direction for our future research and development."

Simulation love doll robots may also become a new trend in the market. The reporter found out that the real doll brand EXDOLL has also launched AI love dolls, which even provide medical care services in addition to chatting. Wu Xingliang, the company's sales director, said that the ultimate goal of the product is to become a carer for the disabled and a companion for the elderly.

"China is entering an aging society, and people's demand for artificial intelligence robots will increase." Wang Shaofang, CEO of Shenzhen Quanzhi Robot Technology Co., Ltd., is optimistic about such application prospects. It is reported that they have signed an investment agreement with relevant departments to produce robots with teaching, display and care functions.

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