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On the Future of Sex Dolls

Sex doll brands can be said to be varied, making it confusing for novices to choose. Europe, the United States and Japan are the origins of sex toys, and the development of Zelex Sex Doll is relatively advanced. Among them, REALDOLL and OT are big foreign brands, but the price of more than 100,000 yuan is really prohibitive. In fact, as a rising star in China, the technology of real dolls is almost the same as that of international brands. As a major exporter of sex dolls, China's current love doll brands are roughly divided into three categories, mainly all-TPE real dolls, all-silicone sex dolls and hybrid sex dolls with silicone heads and TPE bodies.

There are many more TPE love doll manufacturers than silicone sex doll manufacturers. At present, the well-known large manufacturers of TPE real dolls are relatively mature in technology, and the quality can be guaranteed. For Xiaobai, just pay attention to the inspection video confirmation before delivery, Guarantee that what you see is what you get; all silicone brands, such as artificial human, EX, etc. are all good, as long as the price is acceptable to you? If you want a product with high simulation and affordable price, the up-and-coming Funwest Doll should be a good choice.

Originating as blow-up dolls, sex dolls evolved into the humanoid figures we know today. They used to be stuffed, clothed dolls, sluggish and inflated inflatable sex dolls, and now, they're silicone and TPE sex dolls that resemble real humans. However, the development didn't end there. In fact, the sex doll industry is becoming more and more developed. The latest invention even points the way to artificial intelligence sex dolls.

Currently, lifelike Irontech Sex Doll already look like real humans in appearance. In the future, love dolls will have false feelings and behavior capabilities, and will be more like real humans. However, that doesn't mean that silicone and TPE sex dolls as we know them today won't exist in the future. Instead, they will get better because they will have more options. Meaning, a sex doll owner can purchase multiple love dolls, each with its own characteristics.

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