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Precautions When Bathing A Sex Doll

The only body part where water (or other products) can enter the real doll's body is the joint between the neck and head. Remember that when you need to clean your Funwest Doll. In the case of a joint-type love doll, there is no problem if it is just a shower, but it is recommended that you refrain from putting it in a bathtub. If water gets inside the sex doll, the skeleton (made of metal) may be damaged. In the worst case, it can cause skeletal failure (fracture).

Remove Perfume

You can perfume your love doll with any perfume you can find on the market. When not using the Zelex Sex Doll, clean the skin where you sprayed the perfume.

Remove Makeup

There are many players who want to change the make-up of their love dolls and experience the difference in their faces, but they are worried that they will ruin the real doll's face. Before changing make-up, the previous make-up should be carefully removed. At the shop, we use silicone paint to make sex dolls. Built to last, but don't wipe or scrub too hard. Pay special attention to the face, eyebrows and eyelashes as they are difficult to repair when damaged. You can use cosmetics such as lipstick and blush on your love doll, but please avoid anything that is too thick or greasy as it will be difficult to remove. When removing the sex doll's makeup, use a mild makeup remover to remove it gently.

If you want to thoroughly clean your Irontech Sex Doll, we recommend using the shower. Also, do not clean the head or beck.

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