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How To Customize A Sex Doll From Sodoll.com

Is there anyone you admire at first sight? Don't you want that person to be with you forever? If someone you love has passed away, do you still want to be with them forever? For such people, we recommend making a Xycolo Doll that is exactly like the person you admire.

Custom Realistic Sex Dolls

This is very easy to make. Send us a photo of someone you admire. We're going to create a sex doll that looks exactly like that photo. In a few weeks, the man of your dreams will be yours!

* If you would like to see samples of WM Sex Dolls made in the past that resemble real people, please contact us at service@sodoll.com.

Precautions For Love Doll Customization

We are dedicated to producing and delivering quality sex dolls. If for some reason the love doll cannot be delivered, we may notify you by mail. It takes an average of 1-2 months to make a fully custom real doll. The final dolls typically have an average similarity of 80% to 90%. Sometimes the skin color and hairstyle of the sex doll will vary according to the request of the customer.

Fully custom Zelex Sex Doll final price depends on difficulty. The following are some of the more difficult cases.
– Dolls based on anime characters are very difficult.
– Male dolls are harder than female dolls.
– Mature dolls tend to be harder than younger dolls.

*Disclaimer: Copyrighted characters and characters cannot be customized. For example, famous anime characters, celebrities, porn actresses, etc.

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