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Sex Dolls Can Soothe Loneliness But Not Solve It

Behind the relationship between lonely patients and Irontech Sex Dolls in the city is the loneliness that is spreading in the modern city. Sex dolls can soothe loneliness, but ultimately they cannot solve it.

In November 2019, Zheng Ze needed to temporarily stop living with Nao Nao. This summer, Zheng Ze left home to start a business in a coastal city in the north and open a coffee shop. He kept the habit of taking Nao Nao with him (due to traveling far, he could only take Nao Nao's head on the plane).

At the beginning of the store, the partners withdrew their capital, and the cafe continued to lose money within three months. His debts accumulated to more than 200,000 yuan. In the last period of time, there were no customers. Zheng Ze sat with Nao Nao at the bar.

After ending the operation of the coffee shop, he worked as a hotel apartment management in Shanghai as a transition period. No energy to dress up Nao Nao anymore, Nao Nao's head was put in the suitcase, together with clothes and quilts. Conditions do not permit, he plans to take Nao Nao back to his hometown after the Chinese New Year.

Faced with the pressure of marriage urging, Zhang Bo firmly wants to continue living with Sakura. My friend's wife gave birth by caesarean section, and there was a dispute between the natal family and the in-law's family over who should pay the production expenses. After the child was born, the family lived in a mess. Zhang Bo thinks he is middle-aged with low desires, and he does not want to spend time with others to adjust his temperament, and he has to bear risks and heavy life debts such as "house, car, and children's education".

He still longs for a child, so let's live with Sakura for now. During the Chinese New Year, the cousin came to visit home with the child in his arms. In order to escape the topic, he went into the room to comb her hair with Sakura, and had an impromptu conversation with Sakura. This was a lively event for two people. When the guests saw it, they stopped talking.

Sakura invisibly provided a safe field, isolating him from the stressful occasion outside the door. Still, he felt empty when he saw the laughing and crying babies in the arms of his relatives.

Now, Tong Xing lives in a three-bedroom apartment in the urban area. He, his mother, and his five Zelex Sex Dolls each occupy a room. He checks Taobao orders in the morning, answers questions in the player group, and goes to the urban park in the afternoon when the weather is fine. Taking photos of SE Dolls by the lake.

After turning from a player to a seller, Tong Xing came into contact with more baby owners. There are more than 1,800 players in the player group of his brand. Players exchange how to take pictures of sex dolls, dress them up, and explain to parents and girlfriends who discover the existence of sex dolls. I have also met many middle-aged buyers who choose to order a sex doll after divorce. "They will no longer randomly find a woman to live with. They will also start to choose. In this time slot, he will use a sex doll instead."

Tong Xing's profile picture is a sex doll with long blond hair and gold earrings. This is the last sex doll he sold. In December 2018, in urgent need of working capital, he posted a sex doll on the Taobao shop and was about to sell it for 5,000 yuan. A single boy added his QQ through the shop and said he wanted to buy the sex doll, but he didn’t have enough money . For the next month, he greeted and begged Tong Xing every day, but Tong Xing was shaken and agreed to resell it to him at a low price of 3,000 yuan.

After agreeing, Tong Xing regretted it and would lose money. At the same time, he would once again experience the guilt and bitterness of separation when he gave away the sex doll. But he still packed the Funwest Doll carefully, hoping that the comfort could be sent to the other party intact.

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