High-quality love doll & real sex dolls made of advanced silicone or affordable TPE.
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Thick Sex Dolls Are For Therapy

The purpose of buying thick sex dolls is diverse. Some want waiters, and some want to take pictures. But no one can deny that the main purpose is sexual desire.

Little girls and Tongai dolls have a sense of immorality when it comes to sexual manipulation, girls love dolls are not as good as they should be, there are a lot of normal mature women around, and milf love dolls lack a special feel.

I think what you're after is probably something super crisp, super real, full of sex. If so, you definitely won't regret owning a fat love doll with big tits and big ass!

Let me introduce to you the beauties and witches of our fat dolls.

1.Nellie Soft Skin TPE 158cm(5.18ft) K cup Sex Doll Deep Eyes Funwest Doll Tasty Breasts American Love Dolls Thick Real Doll

Name: Nellie, Doll Size: 158cm K cup, Bust: 106cm, Underbust: 62cm, Waist: 51cm, Hips: 81cm, Vaginal Depth: 18cm, Oral Depth: 13cm, Anal Depth: 16cm, Net Weight: 37kg, Gross Weight: 44kg, Packing: 150*39*29cm

158cm doll that look real

Price: $1564.49

2. Mona E Cup SE Doll Juicy Tits TPE Sex Dolls 158cm (5.18ft) Shameful Real Doll Mom American Love Doll

Name: Mona, Foot type: Standing, Material: TPE Head & TPE Body, Skin Color: dark tan , Height: 158cm | 5ft2, Bust: 77.5cm | 30.5 in , Under bust: 60cm | 23.6 in , Bra Size: D-cup, Waist: 48cm | 18.9 in , Hips: 82.5cm | 32.5 in, Shoulder: 34cm, Mouth Depth: 15cm | 5.9 in , Vagina Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in, Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in , Foot Length: 21cm | 8.3 in, Weight: 33.5kg | 73.8 lbs, Package Size: 156*40*30cm

Price: $1690.95

real doll sex toy

3. Madelynn Silicone S29 Head Irontech Sex Doll 162cm (5.31ft) Fair Skin I Cup Sex Doll Temperamental European Love Doll Slender Real Dolls

Height: 162cm-Silicone, Top Bust: 94cm, Under Bust: 64cm, Waist: 60cm, Hips: 100cm, Weight: 41kg, Shoulder Width: 39cm, Foot Size: 21cm, Anal Depth: 16cm, Vagina Depth: 18cm, Packing Size: 152*42.5*30cm, Packing weight: 49kg

Price: $2699.99

best real doll

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