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Mona E Cup SE Doll Juicy Tits TPE Sex Dolls 158cm (5.18ft) Shameful Real Doll Mom American Love Doll

30 Days 06 H 36 M 29 S
Super Benefits in July - Extra 10% OFF!!!
❤Customized SE DOLL❤
1. Free 2nd head (10 options available)
2. Free TPE small tongue*1
3. Free clothes*1, choose 1 from 4 sets
❤Non-customized SE DOLL❤
1. Free 2nd TPE head Randomly 
2. Shipping from US warehouse! 3-7 days delivery!
To Customers

・The images posted are photos taken using our actual products.
・You can check the product in the photo before shipping.
・Safe and reliable quality, CE, ROHS certification
・Free shipping and confidential packaging.
・Delivery time: about 1-2 weeks.
・Delivery may be delayed due to traffic conditions, weather, disasters, etc.
・If you have any order or question, please contact us at sodollstore@outlook.com.

Free Clothes:
Skin Color:
Pubic Hair:
Chest Options:
Shoulder Joint:
Standing Function:
Finger Joints:
Note: Limited to TPE dolls taller than 150cm
Nail Color:
Toenail Color:
Extra Function
Multiple Choice
Doll Stand :
Extra Eyeballs
Multiple Choice
Extra Wig
Multiple Choice
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Lusty Sex Doll 158cm (5.18ft) E Cup Love Dolls

Mona is an elegant mom sex doll with a perfect body that makes it hard to believe she is a married woman. When she changed into garter stockings in a daze, the man buried his face there and tasted it, as if to confirm the absolute area of pure white skin exposed. And just like that, lips are stolen, body is groped, rubbed against thighs by hardened cock. She is then blowjobed, fingered and finally inserted into her naked clothes. She is poked violently from behind with a standing back and then fucked by the missionary on the couch.

Short Curly Hair SE Sex Doll TPE Love Dolls Mona

Sex Doll Parameters
・ Name: Mona, Foot type: Standing, Material: TPE Head & TPE Body, Skin Color: dark tan , Height: 158cm | 5ft2, Bust: 77.5cm | 30.5 in , Under bust: 60cm | 23.6 in , Bra Size: D-cup, Waist: 48cm | 18.9 in , Hips: 82.5cm | 32.5 in, Shoulder: 34cm, Mouth Depth: 15cm | 5.9 in , Vagina Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in, Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in , Foot Length: 21cm | 8.3 in, Weight: 33.5kg | 73.8 lbs, Package Size: 156*40*30cm

・ Medical Grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame

3 Holes Available
・ Vaginal Available / Anal Available / Oral Available

Standard Function
・ Movable Finger Joints / Movable Sight / Detachable Eyes

Custom Function
・ Freely customize or order makeup, skin color, options, etc

① Vaginal Cleaner x1
② Special Gloves x1
③ Vaginal Heater x1
④ Wig x1
⑤ Comb x1
⑥ Doll Clothes x1

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Phillip Davis
If you want to improve the quality of sex life and create colorful fun, this love doll can do it. Believe that your partner will also be happy to accept her joining.
(5) (0)
Phoenix Wood
Her breasts and hips are a good size with just the right amount of elasticity. highly recommended!
(5) (0)

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