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Reasons Why Fewer Female Buyers Love Dolls Than Males

When it comes to sex dolls, the first thing everyone thinks of is female sex dolls with beautiful styles and beautiful women's clothing. However, in reality, there are also women who buy male love dolls. Less than men, but no less. Why are there far fewer female buyers of sex dolls than male buyers? I would like to discuss this issue further.

As we all know, love dolls used to be called "sex dolls" at most. Its role is to replace the wife of the man who left his homeland, as a tool for simulating sexual intercourse to repay the man's sexual desire. Thanks to innovations and advancements in the real doll industry, Funwest Dolls that have come to look and feel very close to real women are still primarily used to simulate sexual intercourse. So-called men will have the ability to masturbate more comfortably.

Now, when people think of love dolls, the image of sexy women is deeply rooted in people's minds. Therefore, the number of men buying sex dolls is increasing day by day, and manufacturers are devoting themselves to the development and design of male real dolls in order to sell more, further expanding the market for male sex dolls. It repeats like this. In contrast, very few people are interested in the female market. I think this is one of the reasons why fewer women than men buy sex dolls.

Having said all that, maybe you have a question? In this case where the men's clothing market is full of trains, why don't manufacturers target the women's clothing market? Once you're at the forefront of that market, don't you make a lot of money? Well, actually manufacturers certainly don't want to do that. Having said that, is the women's clothing market really so easy to grab?

According to research, arousing women's sexual desire is more complicated and difficult than men's. Adult videos, photos, female moans, soft skin, and many other things can get a man an erection, but it's not so easy for a woman. Women's sexual arousal is generally produced after they feel that they are vulnerable to violations, and it depends more on their own psychology. In short, male sexual desire can be formed through visual and tactile stimulation of brain nerves, but it is not easy for females, and it seems to be more complicated.

For example, men with normal sexual orientation will not feel anything when they see naked WM Sex Doll of the same sex, but they will immediately feel sexually excited when they see a sexy body of the opposite sex. However, for women of similar sexual orientation, seeing sexy nude photos of the opposite sex does not necessarily arouse their sexual desire immediately. . Of course, these are findings from studies of large populations around the world and do not necessarily apply to all men or women.

All it takes is a cute face and a standout female sex doll to sell to a man, but the same pattern won't work for a woman. . In contrast, not many women buy lover dolls. Another point is that it is very realistic and inevitable. A life-size Zelex Sex Dollweighing nearly 2.30 kg is best suited for men to carry, while women have relatively weak arms...

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