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Kelly TPE 162cm(5.31ft) C Cup Sex Doll Pink Nipples American Love Dolls Skinny Real Dol Fuckable Tits 230# Head COS Doll
The Ratings of Kelly Sex Dolls Unique C Cup 162cm Tpe COS Love Doll Ratings
I enjoyed the grooming process, changing the overall look of the sex doll by changing the hairstyle, eye color, and wig, and having fun shooting it with my favorite costumes.
George Brown

Anika COSdoll Sex Dolls Head 20 Lewd Pose Shemale Sex Doll with Big Penis Curvy Nude American Sexdoll TPE 162cm (5.31ft)  Real Doll
Anika Curvy COS Sex Doll Review Seductive 162cm C Cup Realdolls Used Feeling
Shapely! Her white and flawless skin makes people want to pinch it.
Rogelio Wright

Michaela Hybrid 170cm (5.58ft) K cup Sex Doll COS Sexdoll Silicone Head #4 Curly Hair Prostitute European Love Dolls Thick Real Doll
The Used Feeling Of Michaela Sex Doll Pretty Cos 170cm (5.58ft) K Cup Thick Love Dolls Evaluation
Its shape is very beautiful, especially the chest of K Cup, which makes people want to touch and lick.
Matthew Johnson

Miranda 170cm (5.58ft) Hybrid Sex Dolls B cup Life Size Cosdolls #17 Fair Skin European Love Doll Hybrid Real Dolls for Male
The The Feedback Of Miranda 170cm (5.58ft) B Cup Real Doll Brown Nipple Cos Adult Sex Dolls Objective Advice
Great! When the package arrived I unpacked her to find she was very realistic and beautiful, I inspected her fully and found her to be in perfect condition.
Todd Johnson

Xiomara Silicone COS Doll #11  D cup 168cm (5.51ft) Sex Dolls Fair Skin Medium Boobs Love Doll Tease European Real Dolls
The Original Impression Of Xiomara D Cup 168cm (5.51ft) Real Doll Delicate Female Cos Sex Doll Customer Rating
This product is amazing both in appearance and experience! Its weight adds to the realism of the experience.
Alexander Brown

Amalia Silicone COS Doll #31  D cup 168cm (5.51ft) Sex Dolls Blonde Hair Adult Love Doll Charming European Real Dolls
The Objective Advice Of Amalia 168cm (5.51ft) D Cup Sexdoll Fair Body Cos Adult Realdolls Customer Review
I've used it a few times and it doesn't feel powdery or sticky. I think it's pretty durable because it's big. I think cospa is good.
Eric Smith

Ivory TPE 155cm (5.09ft) B cup Sex Doll Shameful COSDOLL Big Eyes American Love Dolls TPE Real Doll for Sale
The Experience Of Ivory Realdolls Neat B Cup 155cm (5.09ft) Small Boobs Cos Real Doll Reviews
The logistics speed is very fast, I received my customized big Adult in about 2 weeks.
George Johnson

Opal B cup #4  COS Doll Delicate Face Silicone Sex Dolls 165cm (5.41ft) Irresistible Real Doll Slender American Love Doll
Opal 165cm (5.41ft) Skinny Cos Real Dolls Review Smooth Skin B Cup Sex Doll Real Story
The hole is tight and tightens well. The vaginal structure is richly textured and I am able to enjoy it to the fullest.
George Johnson

Oaklyn Hybrid #17 COS Doll 170cm (5.58ft) B cup Sex Doll Fair Skin Adult Real Dolls Wonderful European Love Doll
Oaklyn 170cm (5.58ft) B Cup Skinny Cos Sex Dolls Customer Rating Curly Sexdolls Feedback
I bought a large love doll for the first time. Surprised that the appearance and texture are so good, I didn't expect it to be an affordable price. It's very realistically made.
Jack Collins

Mallory Silicone #10  COS Doll 168cm (5.51ft) D cup Sex Doll Smooth Skin Slim Real Dolls Attractive European Love Doll for Male
Mallory 168cm (5.51ft) D Cup Cos Lovedolls Rating Flowing Hair Medium Boobs Sex Dolls Experience
In any case, there is no doubt about it. It is definitely a recommended item for those who are tired of small things.
Wyatt Cooper

Fernanda Hybrid #21 COS Doll 170cm (5.58ft) Strong Muscle B cup Sex Doll Whore Asian Love Doll Muscular Real Dolls
Fernanda 170cm (5.58ft) Muscular Cos Lovedoll Reviews Fair B Cup Realdoll Effect Feedback
Super realistic, it actually feels like a real woman. Unlike other sex toys, the love doll can achieve multiple positions, and the experience is stronger.
Devon Johnson

Harlow COS DOLL F-cup Sex Doll 168cm Silicone Head TPE Body Love Dolls Asian Real Dolls in Stock
Harlow's Review COSDOLL 5.51ft (168cm) E Cup Plump Boobs Love Dolls Feedback
No matter which part of her body I touched, I felt numbness in the back, and I didn't get completely excited until I inserted it.

Ansley Head 35 Cosdolls with Artificial Mouth for Blowjob 165cm(5.41ft) Silicone Sexdoll Smooth Skin C Cup Sex Doll Erotic Japanese Love Doll Curvy Realdolls
Ansley #35 COS 165cm(5.41ft) C Cup Japanese Love doll Reviews
It works great in the bedroom.

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