High-quality love doll & real sex dolls made of advanced silicone or affordable TPE.

Real Reviews on JY Sex Dolls Sweet Asian Face Sexdoll Ratings

If you're still on the fence about buying a life-size JY Sex Doll, read what other customers have had their first impressions of. These love dolls made of high-end TPE material have a super texture and body shape. The experience of using it is very good! Five-star praise!

Zaylee Silicone JY Doll 161cm(5.28ft) E Cup Sex Doll Sexy Lady Milf Real Doll Flowing Hair Japanese Love Dolls
Zaylee Japanese Jy Real Dolls Rating Popular 161cm E Cup Sex Dolls Experience
Great packaging no problem and easy to clean. Just be sure to let it dry overnight before using it again.
Andrew Butler

Monica Hybrid 163cm(5.35ft) Sex Dolls JY Doll Convex Figure Slim Waist Japanese Love Doll Curvy J Cup Real Doll
The Reviews Of Monica Sex Dolls Perfect J Cup 163cm Japanese Jy Lovedoll Customer Rating
Does not have any strong smell. No brilliant discoloration or mold errors.
Douglas Green

Kenna 161cm(5.28ft) E Cup Sex Doll JY Doll Sweet Moan Fuckable Ass Asian Love Dolls Skinny Furry Dress Real Doll Silicone Materials
The Reviews Of Kenna Realdolls Pretty Jy 161cm E Cup Asian Lovedolls Feedback
This is the first sex doll I've ever received. She is as real as a real woman. This is actually pretty amazing.
Ramiro Martinez

Freyja 163cm(5.35ft) Hybrid Sex Dolls J Cup Charming Eyes JY Doll Gentle Face Japanese Love Doll Adult Real Dolls
Freyja 163cm J Cup Japanese Jy Lovedoll Feedback Beautiful Realdolls Used Feeling
Her price is very good, and the vagina part is specially treated to make it tighter.
Kato Foster

Ashlyn Silicone JY Doll 161cm(5.28ft) E Cup Sex Doll Sucking Nipples Curvy Real Doll Lusty Asian Love Dolls
Ashlyn 161cm Asian Jy Lovedolls Review Sexy E Cup Real Doll Evaluation
It feels so close to a real woman, you can't complain.
Walter Lee

Carine Silicone 168cm(5.51ft) Sex Dolls Jy Doll Radiant Skin Convex Figure Chinese Love Doll Milf D Cup Real Doll
The Reviews of Carine D Cup 168cm(5.51ft) Lovedolls Convex Figure Chinese JY Real Doll Customer Rating
It feels real and tight to me. I can't live without it every day. Highly recommend!
Craig Carter

Azari Silicone Jy Doll 168cm(5.51ft) D Cup Sex Doll Perky Nipples Curvy Real Doll Delicate Skin Chinese Love Dolls
The Reviews of Azari Sex Doll Delicate Skin D Cup 168cm(5.51ft) Silicone JY Realdolls Customer Feedback
It's the perfect weight, great size and feels so close to a real woman, you can't complain.
John Martinez

Arkina 168cm(5.51ft) Silicone Sex Dolls D Cup Delicate Face Jy Doll Fair Skin American Love Doll Blonde Real Dolls
The Reviews of Arkina Sex Dolls Delicate Face JY 168cm(5.51ft) D Cup Blonde Sex Doll Effect Feedback
This love doll is the best investment I have ever made!
Ross Cooper

Lousin Jy Doll 165cm(5.41ft) D Cup Sex Doll Radiant Skin Medium Breast Real Dolls Chiseled Curves Silicone Chinese Love Doll
The Feedbacks of Lousin D Cup 165cm(5.41ft) Sexdolls Chiseled Curves Chinese JY Love Dolls Real Experience
This is my first love doll purchase and I am very satisfied with the quality. The overall shopping experience is great!
Johnny Ortiz

Yana 162cm (5.31ft) TPE Sexdolls I cup Huge Boobs JY Doll Golden Curly Hair European Love Doll Blonde Realdolls
Yana 162cm (5.31ft) I cup JY Realdolls Review Elegant Queen TPE Sex Dolls Real Experience
The body of this TPE love doll is softer and more elastic, and the very realistic touch surprised me. The touch of breasts and buttocks is even more addictive.
Bobby Garcia

Yuki Silicone JY Doll F Cup 157cm (5.15ft) Sex Dolls Round Breast Radiant Skin Love Doll Skinny Asian Real Dolls
The Reviews of Yuki 157cm (5.15ft) F Cup Sexdoll Refreshing JY Adult Love Dolls Customer Rating
Overall, the size and weight is good, the internal frame is good, but some effort is needed to realign the legs, which is good for maintaining posture.
Jeff Evans

Kasey Silicone JY Doll 162cm (5.31ft) F Cup Sexdoll Vibrant Woman Firm Breasts Real Dolls curvy American Love Doll
The Reviews of Kasey Love Dolls Luxury JY 162cm (5.31ft) F Cup American Sexdolls Customer Review
Trust me, this realistic sex doll will revolutionize your sex life.
Dillon Cruz

Hailey JY Doll Silicone 160cm (5.25ft) C cup Sex Doll Blue Eyes Adult Real Dolls Medium Breast American Love Doll
The Reviews of Hailey Real Dolls Brown Hair JY 160cm (5.25ft) C cup American Sexdoll Objective Advice
A Realistic butt will bring you unlimited surprises. The pussy and anal holes are well designed!
Geo Parker

Elma JY Sexdoll 161cm (5.28ft) E cup Silicone Head Sex Doll Soft Skin Blonde Real Dolls Big Boobs Chinese Love Doll
The Reviews of Elma E cup 161cm (5.28ft) Love Dolls Big Eyes Silicone Head JY Sexdolls Used Feeling
I am very satisfied with her breasts, the full bust of the E cup is firm to hold, and the brown areola and lively nipples are even more points.
Troy Green

Eleanor Silicone JY Doll F Cup 162cm (5.31ft) Sex Dolls Ruddy Face Plump Body Love Doll thick Chinese Real Dolls
The Reviews of Eleanor Sexdolls Gentle F Cup 162cm (5.31ft) Silicone JY Lovedolls Customer Advice
The overall feeling of this love doll is great, amazing breast effect and realistic shape.
Dion Phillips

Coco F Cup JY Doll Black Hair Silicone Sex Dolls 162cm (5.31ft) milf Real Doll Gentle Smile Asian Love Doll
The Ratings of Coco F-Cup 162cm (5.31ft) Real Dolls Elegant Asian JY Sexdoll Real Feedback
Use with a water-based lubricant for an even better sex experience.
Adam Wilson

Natalie Silicone 162cm (5.31ft) F Cup Sex Doll blonde JY Doll Exquisite Dress European Love Dolls Perfect Body Real Doll
Natalie 162cm (5.31ft) F Cup European JY Realdolls Review Noble Sex Dolls Objective Advice
My sex doll is intact. Overall, good product. My after sales and arrival questions were answered to the satisfaction of Sodoll.
Jaime Ortiz

Hannah Silicone JY Doll 162cm (5.31ft) F Cup Sexdoll Smooth Skin Flowing Hair Real Dolls curvy Asian Love Doll
Hannah 162cm (5.31ft) F Cup Asian JY Love doll Review Curvaceous Realdoll Customer Review
This love doll works so well and every body detail is so realistic it's just crazy.
Delbert Ramirez

Blue Eyes 160cm (5.25ft) C Cup Jy Doll Fuckable Ass Silicone Sex Dolls Real Doll Milf Asian Love Doll-Viola
The Review of Viola Lovedoll Slut JY 160cm (5.25ft) C Cup Curvy Sex Doll True Score
The vaginal opening is compact in size. This authentic experience feels perfect!
Brian Garcia

Round Eyes Silicone E-Cup 161cm (5.28ft) Sex Doll Jy Doll Gentle Smile Asian Love Dolls Milf Real Doll-Molly
Molly Asian JY Real Dolls Review Elegant 161cm (5.28ft) E cup Love Doll Reviews
Her vaginal and anal passages have great suction, where your brother will feel the soft suction.

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